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Product List for PIC-CONTROL Developed Electronic Products

This is a summary of the in-house products developed in PIC-CONTROL for our customers.

Product List Summary

Product Code Name Description

Custom Electronic Circuit Board Series

PIC-010 DataAlarm (no longer available)
PIC-011 RS232 to Ethernet Converter
PIC-012 Key baSIC (no longer available)
PIC-013 ECU (no longer available)
PIC-014 WiFi to Serial RS232/RS485/RS422 converter
PIC-015 RS485/RS422 to Ethernet converter
PIC-016 I/O Controller for Matchport/Xport
PIC-017 DTMF decoder (USB CDC serial interface)
PIC-018 LED Lotus Lamp Driver board (no longer available)
PIC-019 Zigbee Weighting Scale (end of life, limited stocks)
PIC-020 Zigbee on Raspberry Pi (end of life, limited stocks)
PIC-021 RFID Card Key Switch, for Hotel Room Energy Saving (custom made)
PIC-022 Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver (limited stocks)
PIC-023 Custom Cable Tester for Wire/Connector Harness Assembly
PIC-024 Audio Activated Light Indicator
PIC-025 CAN Card Reader (for reading CEPAS, Ezlink, FlashPay card number)
PIC-026 Electronic Trigger RS232 Control Board
PIC-027 RS232 Machine Interface Board design for Washing Machine application
PIC-028 Cashless Payment System design for Speed Queen Washing Machine application

In-House Electronic Board Series

PIC-101 DC-DC converter
PIC-102 Step-down DC Voltage Regulator (up to 5A) (custom made)
PIC-103 Step-up DC Voltage Regulator (up to 1.2A) (not available yet)
PIC-110 DTMF controller (not available yet)
PIC-111 RS485 IO controller (not available yet)
PIC-112 Network IO controller (end of life, limited stocks)
PIC-113 USB/RS232 IO controller (end of life, limited stocks)
PIC-114 IR Controller (not available yet)
PIC-115 Touch Sense (not available yet)
Touch AC Wall Switch
PIC-116 Mini Touch Sensor
PIC-117 Solid State AC Switch
PIC-118 RF wireless remote control (not available yet)
PIC-119 Digital Temperature Sensor (I2C)
PIC-120 NFC wireless transceiver (USB, Ethernet, RS485, RS232)
PIC-121 Short Circuit Finder
PIC-122 Motor Speed Controller

  • BLDC Motor (with hall sensor)
  • BLDC Motor (sensorless)
  • DC Motor
PIC-123 Wire Feeder

  • Bipolar Stepper Motor
PIC-124 Alarm with Mute switch
PIC-125 Audio Activated Relay Output
PIC-126 CAN Number Reader | Ez-Link NetsFlashPay CEPAS 
(USB Keyboard Wedge)
PIC-200 SMD IC adapter, SMD to 2.54mm pitch
PIC-201 SMD IC adapter, SMD to 2.54mm pitch
PIC-202 SMD IC adapter, SOIC TSSOP to 2.54mm pitch
PIC-210 Prototyping Board
PIC-211 Mini Prototyping Board
PIC-212 Small Prototyping Board With Enclosure (available soon 2016 Jan)
PIC-214 Medium Prototyping Board With Enclosure (available soon 2016 Jan)
PIC-250 LED strip
PIC-LED Flood Light (custom made, limited stocks)

Industrial Product Series

PIC-302 USB I/O Controller (2x port, Programmable) (available soon 2017 Jun)
PIC-304 USB I/O Controller (4x port, Programmable)
PIC-312 Ethernet I/O Controller (2x port) (available soon 2017 Aug)
PIC-314 Ethernet I/O Controller (4x port)
PIC-322 WiFi, POE Ethernet I/O Controller (2x port) (available soon 2017 Oct)
PIC-324 WiFi, POE Ethernet I/O Controller (4x port) (available soon 2017 Oct)
PIC-332 WiFi 230Vac I/O Controller (2x port) (available soon 2017 Dec)
PIC-342 Long Distance Wireless Remote Controller
PIC-345 RFID Room Card Key Holder (for Hotel, Meeting Rooms, Rental Rooms)
PIC-346 CEPAS Door Access Card Reader, CAN number readout
PIC-350 Cable Harness Tester

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