Mini Prototyping Board [PIC-211]

Prototyping Board For Microcontroller [PIC-210]

PCB prototyping board is built small to fit into tight space. Mini PCB size is only 50 x 36mm.

Mini Prototyping Board [PIC-211]

Mini Prototyping Board [PIC-211]


  • onboard LDO voltage regulator footprint.
  • protection against reverse polarity.
  • plain pad via 2.54mm pitch for through hole prototyping
  • plain pad smd 0.5mm pitch for surface mount prototyping
  • Surface mount for 2 type of footprint.
  • SOIC-8 pins (narrow, 1.27mm)
  • SOT23-6 pins (pitch 0.95mm)
  • ICSP pinout
  • Mini PCB size 50 x 36mm, can be cut to a smaller usable size of 19 x 25mm
  • Fit to PiC-Box01 enclosure.

Download PIC-211 Information


Design for use with the following microcontroller.

  • PIC12F1840 (SOIC-8)
  • PIC12F1822 (SOIC-8)
  • PIC12HV615 (SOIC-8)
  • PIC12F508 (SOIC-8)
  • PIC10F322 (SOT-6)
  • PIC10F200 (SOT-6)

Other microcontroller’s model may be compatible or need slight modification on the prototyping board.

Schematic for PIC-211 mini prototyping board
Schematic for PIC-211

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