Ethernet I/O Controller

The Ethernet I/O controller product PIC-112 (obsolete) is now replaced by IOaT-E4 (new version). For more information on this new controller product, please visit the IOaT-E4 product page on

Ethernet I/O controller, to control electronic devices via the internet

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Ethernet I/O Controller for controlling electronic devices

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Control electronic devices via the internet using this Ethernet I/O controller.

4x I/O ports available with options for input sensor and output control.

The controller accept a wide range of power input with voltage range from 9V to 24V.

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PIC-112 Ethernet I/O Controller

The following is the information for PIC-112 (obsolete and is no longer in production).


Product: Network IO controller (WiFi/Ethernet)
Code: PIC-112


This is a I/O controller which allows you to control on/off, or control/drive external hardware devices. It has inputs which allow interface to sensors or a simple contact switch. Command can be sent via the Ethernet/WiFi or RS232 port by opening a communication port through your software. Communication stream can be opened using the standard library from the typical C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc… programming language.

We are able to customised the device for up to 4x input, 4x output. Analog input, PWM output can also be customised to your need. Proprietary RS232 protocol can also be implement through the RS232 port.

Network IO controller [PIC-112] PIC-112 is a Ethernet/WiFi connected I/O controller which allows you to control on/off, or control/drive external hardware devices.
 Network I/O ControllerNetwork I/O ControllerNetwork I/O Controller


  • Control I/O (input/output) using Ethernet/WiFi or RS232 communication port.
  • 2x Input and 2x Output port (customizable up to 4x input or output)
  • Input is opto-coupled protected.
  • Output is contact switch. (dry contact)
  • LED indicators.
  • Wide operating voltage 12V, 7-24V. Low power.
  • Pluggable screw terminal interface to ease installation and maintenance work.

Enclosure (available separately)


Wiring Interface

To drive high current devices, a relay can be connected to PIC-113’s output.

  • Connecting PIC-112 to control a motor
  • Connecting PIC-112 to switched on 230Vac appliances or lightings.
  • Using iPhone, Arduino, PC104 or other controller module’s RS232 to control PIC-112’s I/O.

Interfacing this board I/O to your system or component is simple. Check out the I/O interface wiring guide providing you with pictures and illustration examples.

Source Code (API examples)

Use Java, Visual Basic/C++/C#. Source code examples are available for download as follows,

Java Software Example

Java example to control PIC-112 Ethernet/WiFi+RS232 I/O controller. (Please read the “readme.txt” file located at the root of the project folder)

Visual Basic Software Example

—not available yet—

Visual C# Software Example

—not available yet—

Visual C++ Software Example

—not available yet—

RS232 Test Tool for PIC-112

Network I/O Controller Solution from PIC-CONTROL

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Check out our other I/O network controller PIC-016 product or our custom electronic design services.

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