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Years of Experience

PIC-CONTROL started off as an electronic engineering solution service provider for local SME (small and medium enterprise) in Singapore. As an electronic product developer, we have developed the various custom electronic products for customers and our in-house standard electronic product solution.

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Collaboration with Customers

The project opportunities over the years have enabled PIC-CONTROL to gain significant technical and market competency. This enables PIC-CONTROL to deliver unique innovative solutions to our customers, helping them to gain the competitive advantage in their industry. Reaching new market and raising the standard of electronics from various industries in Singapore.

Reaching New Market

The following present the chronological electronic product development milestone since PIC-CONTROL started back in the year 2006.

The milestone of PIC-CONTROL

2006 Dec 29th PIC-CONTROL begins its first step. Business Reg No. 53083364J
2007 Jan Launched PIC-CONTROL website
2007 Apr Providing PCB design services
2007 Nov Developed Data Alarm device for printers (USA)
2007 Aug Developed Ethernet/RS485/RS232, USB I/O controller. Controller for car park barriers, security access.
2008 Oct Developed a directionally focused LED lighting
2011 Dec Successfully developed the world first M-Field Detection System for the security industry.
2012 Mar Developed LED strobe light pulse controller in the machine vision industry, for high-speed factory automation.
2012 Apr PIC-STORE shopping cart has arrived. Standard in-house products are now available online.
2012 Apr Launched engineering circuit module products. Mini Touch Sensor, Mini Solid State AC switch, and Prototyping boards and adapters.
2012 Jul User interactive digital media for visitors’ gallery and exhibitions for Singapore Maritime Gallery MPA (2012), National Environmental Authority NEA Envision Gallery (2013), IDA Singapore iExperience (2015)
2012 Dec Developed miniature RFID actuator, restricted access for automated window application.
2012 Dec Alarm buzzer attachment for server failure alert.
2013 May EZ-Link payment gateway to retail system, interface integration product design.
2013 May User interface panel PCB design and fabrication for a local 3D printer manufacturer in Singapore.
2013 May Wifi counter for factory automation.
2013 Aug First fully automated dome for the biggest and most powerful Astronomy Telescope in Singapore.
2014 Jan 1st A new level of commitment to our customers, PIC-CONTROL Pte. Ltd. is incorporated. New Company UEN No. 201400024G
2014 Jan 27th PIC-CONTROL Pte. Ltd. is now GST registered. GST no. 201400024G
2014 Feb Successfully work with P&G’s Singapore Innovation Centre (SGIC) to developed and deployed automated data collection systems. Using wireless sensors technology to better captured and understand the habits of household consumers. Data collected from participating consumers are sent through the internet Webservice (developed by Intraix) for analysis and report presentation.
Press release, speech by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on 28th Mar 2014, during the opening of SGIC new research and development centre opened in Biopolis (One-North) located at the Singapore Science Park.
2014 Feb Portable mobile enclosure for 3G fingerprint attendance system.
2014 Aug Automatic Gauge Block Comparator restoration project.
2014 Aug RFID activated hotel key card holder switch, for hotel room electrical energy conservation.
2015 Mar PIC-CONTROL launch a fresh new website for customers.
2015 Mar PIC-CONTROL outreach to provide higher value-added products for customers.
2015 Apr High power DC battery charger system status reporting controller. (RS485, Ethernet)
2015 May Design and development consultant for social interactive gaming sensor.
2015 Jul Sensor research and evaluation for a portable health vital signs monitoring sensing. SPO2, heart rate and body temperature sensing.
2015 Aug Developed short circuit finder electronic troubleshooting tool.
2015 Oct- Dec Design and develop standard I/O controller product range. USB and Ethernet computer communication interface.
2016 Jan PIC-CONTROL launched new product brand “IOanyThing” for custom and standard I/O controller solutions.
2016 Jan Design and developed electronic hub board for iris scan authentication, for use in the life-science industry.
2016 Jun PCB and Standard Enclosure Customisation Service
2016 Nov Wire Feeder, Short Circuit Finder
2017 Jan Electric Fence
2017 Feb Wireless Remote Sounder Alarm System
2017 Mar RS232 Coin Acceptor Emulator production
2017 Apr Cathodic Protection Driver (3 Phase AC Power to DC)
2017 Jun Audio Activated Relay Light Indicator Controller
2017 Jul Electric Fence Tester
2017 Aug RFID Reader Module (CEPAS CAN wireless card number reader)
2017 Nov Heater Sealer Element Detection Board
2017 Dec Short Circuit Tester for IC Chip (integrated circuit chip)
2018 Jan Solar Panel Charger for SLA Battery (Sealed Lead Acid Battery)
2018 Apr RFID Hotel Card Key
2018 Sep Human Waste Process Controller
2018 Oct Central Cashless Kiosk for MDB Payment Terminal
2018 Oct PIC-124 Alarm Mute Switch
2018 Nov PIC-125 Audio Triggered Output Relay
2018 Nov PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester
2022 Mar PIC-031 MDB to Pulse Converter
2023 Jul PIC-032 Cashless Payment for Pulsed Vending Machine
2023 Sep PIC-033 RS232 to MDB converter for Cashless Card Payment Terminal
2023 Dec Electricity Usage Metering System for Room Tenants

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