Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]

Small miniature touch sensor module (touch button) which can be integrated with any electronic device that can accept input. The light weight module allows itself to be stick onto surface using adhesive material. The sensor can also be extended by soldering and wired it to any metal plate or thin copper foil to create ultra thin button switches. The ultra thin button switch can also be conceal over with graphics vinyl stickers to make it invisible.


Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]


  • Ultra mini size (21.5 x 10.2 x 3mm)
  • Ultra light weight (1g)
  • Wide supply voltage (1.8V, 3.3V, 5V)
  • NPN output (drive up to 40V 0.5A)

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Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]


  • Sensitive to touch
  • Longer operating lifespan (no moving mechanical parts, no wear and tear)
  • Can be easily concealed/hidden behind the surface.
  • Easy to install in tight spaces. Small, flat (low profile).
  • Easy to deploy and use. Stick it on the surface, to deploy your touch sensitive button.
  • Robust against moisture, water resistance
  • Works with a lot of material. Through a glass, plastic and metal surface.
  • Works through gloves
  • Braille-friendly
  • Touch sensitivity can be increased by with a higher capacitance Cs. Cs value can range from 2 – 50nF.
  • Touch surface can be extended to an external surface by soldering the interface to H1 pad.


  • Water resistance enclosure
  • User interface application

Wiring Diagram for Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]

Wiring Diagram for Mini Touch Sensor [PIC-116]

Refer to I/O Interface Wiring Guide for other types of wiring for interfacing to electronic I/O, high current or high voltage devices.

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