MDB to Pulse Converter [PIC-031]

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PIC-031 is an interface board (MDB Pulse Converter) to convert a modern MDB payment terminal for traditional vending or ticketing machines that accepts the old-style coin/notes acceptor. It can be drink machine, a coffee machine as well.

This MDB to Pulse converter [PIC-031] is the latest design from our earlier converter design PIC-029. This new design allows the operator to configure the price, the price selection input, and the adjustment to the output pulse (pulse width and pulse number).


  • Convert legacy coin machines to modern cashless payment mode.
  • Save time and cost re-designing your machine for MDB cashless devices.
  • Simple to use.
  • Minimum configuration required (Price and Pulse).
  • Easy to operate.

Product Video Demonstration

MDB converter video demonstration

In this demonstration, we get to see the MDB converter power up and setting up the payment terminal.

The first demonstration starts with a customer selection on your vending machine, followed by a payment from a contactless credit card.

The second demonstration shows a customer waking the system with their contactless credit card, followed by a payment selection (if any), and flashing their card again for the payment.

What is MDB?

MDB stands for Multi-Drop Bus. It is a communication interface standard designed specifically for the vending machine industry. Having a common standard interface allows devices to easily connect to one another. This saves time, effort and the cost of integration.

You can click here to download the latest complete documentation of the MDB internal communication protocol,

Board Description

MDB Pulse Board description

Connection and Wiring

Power in and MDB communication connection.

The following is the standard 6pins white connector that is typically used for MDB connection.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dc-barrel-jack-connector.jpgDC barrel jack plug size 5.5mm (OD), 2.5mm (ID)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mdb-connector-receptacle-6pins-39012060-mini-fit-jr.jpgMDB mating wired connector – Part number 39012060 Mini-Fit Jr. Receptacle Housing (Dual Row, UL 94V-2, Natural)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mdb-connector-header-6pins-39012060-mini-fit-jr.jpgMDB connector on PCB board – Part number 39301060 Mini-Fit Jr. Header (Dual Row, Right-Angle)

User Configuration

User can configure this board via the virtual serial communication port via the USB-C port. You can use a desktop/lap computer or portable mobile phone to configure this MDB converter board.

  • Set the price, and button input.
  • Set the pulse output number and pulse width.
  • Enable MDB functions.


  • 115200bps
  • 1 Stop bit
  • No Parity bit
  • No Hardware Handshaking

Configure via Mobile Phone

Configuration Commands


  • Designed as a master mode using MDB Level 1 standard for Cashless Devices.
  • Design power input for 12V or 24V payment terminal (1A)

Size Dimension

Board Size is about 57 x 58mm

MDB board dimension


  • Operate can easily configure the converter via Mobile Phone (USB-C cable)
  • Configure for up to 3-16 buttons price selection.
  • Configure the prices that you want to collect.
  • Allows user to do either selection first, or select their payment mode first.
  • Configure the pulse settings to match your machine.

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