Solid State AC Switch [PIC-117]

PIC-117 This is a non-mechanical SPST (single pole single throw) relay switch which does not have any moving mechanical part. The switch requires only a minimum of 3.3V 5mA to activate the AC switch. Digital input voltage can range from 3.3V-12V, which is suitable to be controlled by a microcontroller’s low voltage output.

Solid state AC switch [PIC-117]
Solid state AC switch [PIC-117]Solid state AC switch [PIC-117]


  • Ultra mini size (40 x 16.5 x 12mm), takes up less space.
  • Ultra lightweight (5g)
  • No mechanical relay noise.
  • No moving mechanical parts, no wear and tear
  • Longer operating lifespan
  • Robust to moisture environment
  • Low voltage/current (3.3V-12V 5mA) to turn on AC switch
  • Soft turn on.
  • No spark generated. (Less hazard to a harsh environment, less interference).
  • No latch up.
  • No electric current arcing resulting in contact welding or sticking
  • No EMI due to switching sparks/arcs
  • Faster response.
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
  • Compatible to your existing mechanical relay

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The AC switch is suitable for 110Vac-230Vac operation. Compare to a mechanical relay, which requires a typical trigger input of 5-24V 30-150mA. Mechanical relay for high voltage/current operation will result in arcing, which can weld the contact, forming a permanent joint after long use. This may result in operation failure.

The AC switch is made of semiconductor material and will not have such issues; it does not have any mechanical part. The AC switch will switch during the zero crossing, therefore minimise suddenly surge/spark upon switching on.

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