CEPAS Door Access Card Reader [PIC-346]

This is a door access card reader which is able to instantly read out the CAN number on the CEPAS card. It can read the CAN number from both the Ezlink and NetsFlashPay card.

This allows you to provide unique authenticated user for room access or asset management. You can also issue temporary access or rights to a guest with CEPAS card without issuing your own security passes. This allows you to track, without too tight restriction and inconvience.


  • Issuing of temporary security passes.
  • Visitor or guest registration
  • Door access to room
  • Asset tracking, or logging
  • Loan or borrowing of items
  • Lucky draw registration
  • Temporary registration


  • Reads out CAN number from CEPAS (Ezlink and NetsFlashPay cards).
  • Simple ASCII string output.
  • Easy access from any programming language or system platform.
  • Low voltage 5V operation.
  • Small size 102 x 48 x 20mm
  • Various Communication Mode to choose from.


The following are some of the communication options for CEPAS CAN number read-out for your door access reader.

  • Wiegand (standard 26-bits, 34-bits)
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • UART, I2C, SPI
  • USB (virtual serial com, HID)
  • Ethernet (via gateway board)
  • Other customised options…

Wiring Pin Out

The wiring pin and wire color for the reader is as follows,

Pin No. Color Description RS485 RS232 Wiegand
1 RED   5V 5V 5V
2 BLACK   Gnd Gnd Gnd
4 WHITE   485+ TX D1
5 BLUE   485- RX D0

Communication Setup and Command

The baudrate for RS232 or RS485 is

  Baudrate: 9600bps
  Data bits: 8 bits
  Stop bit: 1 bit
  Parity bit: None
  Hardware control: None

By default, the reader can operates without any setup or configuration. Every time a CEPAS card is presented in front of the reader, the reader can captured the card’s CAN number and output a string of ASCII text via the communication link.

You can also send command to control the Green/Red indicator and the sound buzzer on the reader. Any command send will disable the default light indicator and buzzer sound.

NOTE: For Wiegand version, the data packet is limited to either 26-bits or 34-bits standard. CEPAS card CAN number consist of 16 numeric numbers and requires at least 64-bits to properly represent the entire string. This means that there will be more than one packet representing the entire string of CAN number. This can be customised according to your application.

Wall Mounted Enclosure and Dimension

The enclosure allow wall mount via two screw hole behind the casing. The casing is accessible from a screw found at the bottom of the casing.

Custom Solution

This product is a semi-custom solution to suit your dedicated application.

Contact us today, tell us more about your project. We can customised the solution for your application.

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