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Custom Electronic Design

PIC-CONTROL is providing custom electronic engineering services to our clients in Singapore.

We are here to support and boost your business’s engineering capabilities.

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Our Engineering Core Values

Electronic Circuit Board with IC chip, Resistor, Capacitor, Diode

1. Simplicity is our Design

We design electronics that are simple to use, and easy to maintain.

Documentation for electronic projects

2. Design Documentation

Production documentation (blueprint) is available for your use.

Electronic project archive

3. Project Archive

Safe keep production documents for at least 10 years.

Warranty for electronic design and product delivered

4. Warranty & Support

Strive to deliver quality electronic hardware products. We warranty the hardware products that we design and produce.

Trust and integrity are important values that we hold. Be assured that our support will be there for you.

Why Engage Our Electronic Specialist?

Local technical support for electronic engineering projects

We are your company’s engineering team.

  • Skilled specialist & best practice implementation.
  • Local technical support in Singapore.
  • Practical experiences across various industries.
  • A wide network of electronic solutions and resources.
  • Cost and time efficiency.
  • Responsive communication, providing you with assurance.
  • Our practical engineering experience can help you understand possible risks in a project, though it can better protect you from any other unexpected cost.

Your dream team. Expert in delivering the best for your business.

Custom Electronic Solution

Your Engineering Partner
You can Trust.

Outsourcing your engineering
work to the electronic specialist.

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