Network I/O Controller [PIC-016]

I/O Controller for Matchport/Xport [PIC-016]

I/O Controller for Matchport/Xport [PIC-016]


  • wide range of input voltage 5V 12V 24V
  • 1x Input (dry contact)
  • 1xOutput (dry contact)
  • easy and convenient to deploy on-site with pluggable terminal.
  • support up to 115Kbps.
  • support Wifi (MatchPort) or Ethernet (Xport) component
  • mounting holes for your casing.
  • PCB board size 66 x 83mm

Note: Please take note that this product does not come with a power adapter.

Visual C# Software Example

Visual C# Sharp example, present a simple console program example to allow this PIC-016 as a client to connect to your computer. This example is a C# server listening on port 10000 for incoming PIC-016 connection. The status of the input will be notified from the PIC-016 to the server on your computer. (size: 36.7KB, Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop)


Network I/O Controller Solution from PIC-CONTROL

PIC-CONTROL provide our customer with customised network I/O solution. Contact us today for your project requirements.

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