Design Resource for Electronics Engineer

Commonly Available Electronic Components for Design Engineers

This is the main reference page which provides a list of the commonly available electronic components, parts, accessories for your electronic design selection.

If you are an electronic designer, you are welcome to bookmark this page for your future design reference.


Passive Components

Capacitor Types (selection)

  • Ceramic capacitor
  • Polymer capacitor
  • Film capacitor (Metallized film, Foil firm, Polypropylene film or PP film, Polyyester film, etc…)
  • Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors
  • Tantalum Electrolytic capacitors
  • Niobium Electrolytic capacitors
  • Super capacitor
  • Silver Mica capacitor
  • Variable capacitor
  • etc…


  • smd, surface mount
  • through hole
  • radial style
  • screw terminal



  • Switches
  • PCB mount tactile switches
  • Metalic panel mount switches


PCB Accessories

Cable Selection Guide


AC Power Plug

  • UK Plug (3 pins)
  • EU Plug (2 pins)
  • IEC C13 plug (230Vac, 10A)
  • IEC C7 plug (230Vac, 2.5A)


Product Accessories for Projects

Mechanical Resources


Electrical Single Line Drawing Schematic Tools

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