DC-DC Converter [PIC-101]

PIC-101 converts a wide range of voltage input to a lower preset voltage. Typical regulated voltage output 3.3V, 5V, 12V, or the adjustable version capable of regulating a voltage out range from 3V to 24V.

DC-DC converter [PIC-101] DC-DC converter [PIC-101] (top view)
DC-DC converter [PIC-101]


  • wide input voltage 12V, 13.2V, 7V to 24V.
  • voltage output 3.3V, 5V, 12V or 3V to 24V range.
  • simple to use, easy to deploy.

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Models Available

Models Voltage Out Current
PIC-101-a33 3.3V 1A
PIC-101-a05 5.0V 1A
PIC-101-a12 12V 1A
PIC-101-aADJ Adjustable 1A
PIC-101-b33 3.3V 3A
PIC-101-b05 5.0V 3A
PIC-101-b12 12V 3A
PIC-101-bADJ Adjustable 3A

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Note: Please take note that this is a step-down voltage converter. The input voltage has to be higher than the output voltage.