SMD IC Adapter [PIC-201]

SMT adapter for your prototyping needs. The multi-adapter board footprints are designed for mounting various type of SMD IC component. Converting them to a convenient module with pin spacing of 2.54mm pitch. PIC-201 SMD IC test adapter is definitely handy for your prototyping needs.

SMD IC adapter, SMD to 2.54mm pitch [PIC-201]

SMD IC adapter, SMD to 2.54mm pitch [PIC-201]


  • TQFP-64 pins (pitch 0.5mm)
  • QSOP 16-28 pins (0.635mm)
  • SSOP 16-28 pins (0.65mm)
  • uMax-10 pins (0.5mm)
  • uMax-8 pins (0.65mm)

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Use PIC-201 to surface mount IC with your soldering iron or rework station. Suitable for the following & many other IC,

  • PIC24FJ256GB110 (TQFP-64 pins)
  • PIC24FJ128GA006 (TQFP-64 pins)
  • MCP23S17 (SSOP-28 pins)
  • MAX3237 (SSOP-28 pins)
  • MAX3222 (SSOP-20 pins)
  • MAX3221 (SSOP-16 pins)
  • MAX4562 (QSOP-16 pins)
  • MAX4574 (QSOP-28 pins)
  • MAX9653 (uMax-10 pins)
  • MAX9921 (uMax-10 pins)
  • MAX6648 (uMax-8 pins)
  • MAX9928 (uMax-8 pins)

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