Digital Temperature Sensor (I2C) [PIC-119]

Digital Temperature Sensor (4 wires, 5V)

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

This digital temperature sensor allows for easy mounting on a heating surface via an M5 stud screw and nut.

Heat compound paste can be applied to the back of the sensor for better heat conductivity.

Provides a 12 bits temperature reading from -55°C to 125°C with a resolution down to 0.0625°C.

Digital connection and does not requires any additional analog electronic circuits

Digital Temperature Sensor Features

PIC-119 Precision Digital Temperature SensorPIC-119 Precision Digital Temperature Sensor

  • Precision digital reading through I2C.
  • Small, and easy to mount with M5 screw and nut.
  • 4 wire connection.
  • Thermo surface (aluminum) at the back of the sensor for heat conductivity.
  • Temperature range from -55°C to 125°C.
  • 12 bits temperature read out.
  • Resolution down to 0.0625°C.
  • ±1°C accuracy.
  • Operating voltage range from 2.7V to 5V.

Temperature Sensor Size & Dimension

PIC-119 Digital Temperature Sensor Size & Dimension

M5 Screw Nut Sensor Mounting

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

Operating Datasheet

This PIC-119 digital temperature is base on the temperature IC chip TMP100 from Texas Instruments.

Click here for the technical details.

Note: Please note that the default I2C address for this sensor is 0x4F (with address pins ADD1 = floating, ADD0 = floating). For any other address, you can solder jumper J1, J2, J3, J4. Check out the datasheet for the 8 select-able I2C addresses.

J1 – connects 5V to ADD0
J2 – connects Gnd to ADD0
J3 – connects 5V to ADD1
J4 – connects Gnd to ADD1

Circuit schematic

Circuit schematic of PIC-119 digital temperature sensor

Connector Part Number for PIC-119

The connector use for PIC-119 I2C temperature sensor is
JST ZH series connector. 4 pos connector.

Housing part number:

Crimping pins part number:
SZH-002T-P0.5 (for wire size AWG 28 to 26), or
SZH-003T-P0.5 (for wire size AWG 32 to 28)

Pin 1 – 5V (can also accept 3.3V)
Pin 2 – Gnd
Pin 3 – SDA
Pin 4 – SCL

Note: Please take note that the I2C pull-up voltage for SDA & SCL should be the same as the supply voltage to the board.

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Digital Temperature Sensor (4 wires, 5V)

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