Digital Temperature Sensor (I2C) [PIC-119]

Digital Temperature Sensor (4 wires, 5V)

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

This digital temperature sensor allows for easy mounting on a heating surface via an M5 stud screw and nut.

Heat compound paste can be applied to the back of the sensor for better heat conductivity.

Provides a 12 bits temperature reading from -55°C to 125°C with a resolution down to 0.0625°C.

Digital connection and does not requires any additional analog electronic circuits

Digital Temperature Sensor Features

PIC-119 Precision Digital Temperature SensorPIC-119 Precision Digital Temperature Sensor

  • Precision digital reading through I2C.
  • Small, and easy to mount with M5 screw and nut.
  • 4 wire connection.
  • Thermo surface (aluminum) at the back of the sensor for heat conductivity.
  • Temperature range from -55°C to 125°C.
  • 12 bits temperature read out.
  • Resolution down to 0.0625°C.
  • ±1°C accuracy.
  • Operating voltage range from 2.7V to 5V.

Temperature Sensor Size & Dimension

PIC-119 Digital Temperature Sensor Size & Dimension

The mounting hole size is for M5 screw, mounting thickness is about 1mm.

M5 Screw Nut Sensor Mounting

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

M5 screw mounting  Digital Temperature Sensor

Operating Datasheet

This PIC-119 digital temperature is base on the temperature IC chip TMP100 from Texas Instruments.

Click here for the technical details.

Note: Please note that the default I2C address for this sensor is 0x4F (with address pins ADD1 = floating, ADD0 = floating). For any other address, you can solder jumper J1, J2, J3, J4. Check out the datasheet for the 8 select-able I2C addresses.

J1 – connects 5V to ADD0
J2 – connects Gnd to ADD0
J3 – connects 5V to ADD1
J4 – connects Gnd to ADD1

Circuit schematic

Circuit schematic of PIC-119 digital temperature sensor

Connector Part Number for PIC-119

The connector use for PIC-119 I2C temperature sensor is
JST ZH series connector. 4 pos connector.

Housing part number:

Crimping pins part number:
SZH-002T-P0.5 (for wire size AWG 28 to 26), or
SZH-003T-P0.5 (for wire size AWG 32 to 28)

Pin 1 – 5V (can also accept 3.3V)
Pin 2 – Gnd
Pin 3 – SDA
Pin 4 – SCL

Note: Please take note that the I2C pull-up voltage for SDA & SCL should be the same as the supply voltage to the board.

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Digital Temperature Sensor (4 wires, 5V)

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