CEPAS Card Key Holder [PIC-345]

Wall-mounted cardholder that reads CEPAS card for authenticating user’s identity for the usage of facilities. Using CAN number is a convenient registration of the temporary guest user.


  • Office room energy saving.
  • Meeting room usage.
  • Gym room booking.
  • Scheduled lecture hall lessons.
  • The authorised user of a facility.
  • Hotel card key energy-saving, and electricity control.
  • User guest registration.
  • Authorised operating of machines or system.


  • Read the CAN number of a CEPAS card (Ezlink or NetFlashPay)
  • Communication RS485 (other mode is available, RS232, Wiegand)
  • Optional board for network communication and power switching through the mechanical or solid state relay.
  • Operates from 12V


Face Plate size 86 x 86mm
Face Plate Dimension Drawing

Wall Mounting Method

This CEPAS card key holder is to be wall-mounted like a typical light switch in Singapore. It can be flush/surface mounted onto the standard 86 x 86mm wall box.

Wall Flush Mount Plastic Box (86 x 86mm)
Wall Flash Mount Metal Box (86 x 86mm)
Wall Surface Mount Box (86 x 86mm)

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