Focused LED Flood Light [PIC-LED]

Ultra Bright White LED flood light. Specially design with minimum LED spacing to maximum brightness within 135 x 116mm board space. Highly efficient energy-saving LED lighting with uniform brightness for, video/ image/ OCR capture or flashlight application.

Focused LED Flood Light [PIC-LED]

Focused LED Flood Light [PIC-LED]


  • Thin slim profile 5mm
  • Voltage range 8 – 12Vdc
  • Lighting angle 120 degree
  • M3 screw mounting

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Supply Voltage Current LUX at 3m
8Vdc 1A 47
10Vdc 4.5A 226
12Vdc 9A 353

Optional Accessories

  • stainless steel casing+ tampered glass.


For customised voltage supply rating, brightness or other requirements, feel free to contact us.