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We provide simple mobile Apps development services for businesses in Singapore with cost starting from SGD$3000 to SGD$5000 onwards.

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Developer Team

  • Android mobile APP application programmers.
  • Back-end server Java and Google cloud developer.
  • Mobile App, Server and software tester engineer.
  • Computer software application developers.

Custom Mobile Phone App Software & Services

Tell us about your mobile app application, how you want it to work, what are the services and features that you want in your Mobile App.

Our IT Sales Engineer will work closely with you to realise your innovation.

Apps Development Services

  • User Interface Design
  • Android App Services
  • Cloud server data services
  • Website development

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Voltage Converter (DC-DC Power Supply)

This is a highly efficient voltage converter power supply. Provides you with the precise voltage that you need for your project and testing purpose.

Providing you with your desired output voltage power from any DC voltage source for exmple, battery, power supply, power bank.

Small and light weight. Suitable for portable on-site or indoor desktop use.


  • Adjustable output voltage from 0Vdc to 50Vdc (up to 5A, 250W)
  • Can set current limit output.
  • Precision output settings.
  • DC barrel socket or pluggable terminal connection for input/output source.
  • Accept input from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.
  • Memory settings
  • Multiple display mode for voltage, current, power, energy and real time graphical graph.

Step down, step up Converter

This voltage converter allows a wide range of input voltage power supply from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.

You can adjust the output voltage with the user turn-knob. This voltage converter power supply will step-down or step-up to your desired output.

Power Supply Input/Output

Accept wide input voltage from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.

Adjustable output voltage 0Vdc to 50Vdc, and current limit up to 5A.

High power supply with total power output up to 250W.

It is easy to connect to this converter.

You can power up this unit (Vin) through a DC barrel jack connector (OD 5.5, ID 2.1mm), or bare wire through the pluggable screw terminal connector. (the connector on the left side)

You can tap the converted voltage power (Vout) from the same connector type. (the connector on the right side)

Power Display Mode

You can access the display mode by turning the user turn-knob.

Display mode available

  • Voltage and current display
  • Power and wattage display
  • Real time voltage/current graph display
Voltage Converter Display Mode (DC-DC Power Supply)

Operating Instruction

  1. Power up the voltage converter with external DC power supply.
  2. Set the output voltage. Select the button <V>. Press down the knob click to select the number position that you want to change. Turn the knob to adjust the voltage value.
  3. Set the output current limit. Select the button <A>. Similar to step 2, use the knob to adjust the current limit.
    Setting current limit ensure that the output current will not be more than what you have set.
  4. Press the On/off button (below the turn-knob) to switched on the output supply.
Voltage Converter Display (DC-DC Power Supply)

Physical Dimension

Size about 128 x 80 x 70mm.
Weight about 300g

To order, you can click here to contact the sales from PIC-CONTROL.

Bluetooth Padlock | Smart Locks for Enterprise

Digital lock pad solution by WillowMore in Singapore.

This product feature a bluetooth smart locks management software system that allows businesses to have stricter lock control system over typical locks with physical keys.

Typical Application

  • Secure outdoor premises.
  • Remote telecommunication installation site access.


  • No physical key to manage.
  • Prevent key duplication, and thief problems.
  • Smart lock management.
  • Wireless lock access directly from your mobile phone bluetooth.
  • Control remote access to vendor or user.

Padlocks Control with Smart Phone Apps

Advance software features to control and manage all your smart locks at different lock with simply your mobile phone apps.

Monitoring individual locks.
Locks’ location map.
Track historical lock access.
Lock management features.
Smart site access.
WM Sense Hub

Suitable for Outdoor use

Rain or shine, this padlock is design to withstand hash environment. Press on the lock to wake it up. Use your app to authenticate and request for permission to open the lock.

Instant lock access without managing physical key save time and improves efficiency.

Smart Lock System, News Press Release

Digital padlock system uses bluetooth, design for enterprise asset management to improve the organisation efficiency.

Also features lock tampering alert and notification. Smart security monitoring devices.

Smart phone apps running on Android and Apple IOS


More details on WillowMore smart digital lock solutions.
Check out their website for further information.

WillowMore, a company in Singapore

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MDB to Pulse Converter

MDB Pulse Converter Board

MDB to pulse converter (PIC-029) for automated vending machine or self-service kiosks. This converter board is connected directly to the cashless payment terminal.

The converter is simple to use and do not requires a technician to configure your payment terminal as well as your vending machine. Simply set the price and pulse information and you are good to go.


  • Replaces coin acceptor for your automated vending machine.
  • Integrate MDB payment terminal with your payment kiosks.
MDB Pulse Converter Connector

Features Converter

  • 12V or 5V MDB converter board.
  • Pulse output to your vending machine.
  • Configure price and pulse number via the USB port.
  • Test mode (set to a temporary 1 cent for your testing purpose).
  • Pulse test button.
  • Indicate and buzzer.
  • Customised touch panel for payment amount.
  • Optional customised RS232 port.
MDB converter emulating a coin acceptor device.
MDB converter installation

Customised MDB Converter

For other special MDB converter, you can contact our sales engineer with your project’s application details. We will assess and propose you with a solution for your automatic vending and self service kiosks system.

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Card Payment System | Coin Token Exchange Machine

Token exchange machine,
of Arcade 1998.
Easy to redeem toys.
As low as 12 cents per token.
Click here to check out Arcade 1998
across the Singapore island.

Contact-less card payment system for game token machine in Singapore.

Besides using dollar notes to exchange for coin tokens, your customer can now pay by contactless credit card.

Accepted mode of payment:

  • Visa PayWave
  • Master Card PayPass
  • Ezlink
  • NetsFlashPay
  • AMEX
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Other new payment options are available….

Application for Payment System

  • Game token dispenser vending machine.
  • Parking ticket/token machine.
  • Token chip automatic machine.
  • Automatic coin changer machine.
  • Movie, concert ticketing vending machine.
  • Food voucher ticketing dispenser.
  • Self-service hair cut ticketing payment kiosks.

Custom payment select options of
$1 $2 $5 $10 $50.

Custom Payment Design

Contact us for your custom hardware design of your payment system for your machine. Custom process design, enclosure, and user interface.

Check out our cashless payment terminal rental service in Singapore.

Electronic Payment Terminal | Toy Catcher Machine

Soft toy catcher machines
from Catcha Toy Here.
(Original licensed soft toy for catch)

Electronic payment system for toy catcher machine.

Allows customer to pay by credit card, Visa, Master card, AMEX, Ezlink, NetsFlashPay. You can also accept mobile payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Alternate Machine Name

  • Soft Toy Catcher Machine
  • Claw Crane Machine
  • UFO Toy Catcher
  • Candy Catcher


Other payment system solutions

Contact us for custom payment system design and deployment.

Check out our cashless payment terminal rental service in Singapore.

Payment Card Reader Terminal Dimension

Card Payment Reader Terminal Model
Terminal front view and back view.

iUC180 Payment Card Reader Terminal for cashless card payment in Singapore. This wireless card terminal is very compact in size.

The terminal is designed with a EVA mounting standard. The standard standardise and simply the terminal device mounting work.

The following presents the dimension and size of the card payment reader terminal so that you can have some idea how it can fit into your vending or gaming machines.

Card terminal perspective view.
Exploded view.

Card Terminal Dimension

The card terminal measures about 102x134x71mm.

Card Payment Terminal Dimension Size

Propose Mounting Bracket for Payment Terminal

Propose 4x M4 studs at the corner, forming a rectangular shape. To be secure by nuts.

Recommended mounting through the 4x M4 studs.

Propose Mounting Bracket Dimension

Mounting bracket studs size and position

Card Terminal Labeling Dimension

Terminal Casing Customisation

Check out our card payment terminal rental package which includes our standard fabricated casing for your vending or gaming machines. This rental package is design for businesses to cap unforseen operating cost expense relating to the payment terminal.

Interfacing Cable Tester

The cable tester is functional without connecting to external devices or system.

A 4 pins connector (green pluggable terminal connector) is available to allow custom connection to your own device or equipment. This connector is isolated via an optocoupler. This isolation will protect the tester from damage due to any wrong external connection.

Custom User Interface to Cable Tester

The simple interface can be a switch and LED indicator. You may want to use your own foot padel switch to start the wiring connection test or may have your own indicator panel for your operator use.

You can adopt to the following connection.

Multiple Cable Tester Linking Together

For some situation, this tester may not have enough test point for your cable harness. Each tester can only connect up to 64 connection points. If your connect has more than 64 points that you want to test in one shot, you can consider interfacing them in parallel as shown in the diagram.

This connection allows you to test cable harness with many connection points at the same time. It will allow a single test switch to trigger the tester. Any fault detected from one of the testers, it can drive your external indicator.

*** Please note that the test connection points are not inter-connected between the individual tester modules. Just take note to connect only groups of wires that are inter-connected together within a single tester.

Digital Controller Connection

The tester can also be connected to your digital logic controller for more custom/complex control of your entire system.

The connection has a opto-coupled design. This will ensure that the tester will not cause interference issue to your controller or be affected by any external controller interfacing.

Interfacing to High Power Devices

For interfacing to high power devices, it is recommended to have a relay as the interface to isolate from the tester. The optocoupler built inside is meant to protect the tester. It cannot be used to drive a high current. Any current higher than 0.1A, it is recommended that a bigger relay is used for the interfacing.

The following is an example of the connection you can do to drive high power devices.

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