AQUASWITCH (Water detection sensor)

This Aquaswitch is a solid state electronic sensor. It is not affected by surrounding oil film or metal trays. It is also function in various position even if it is slightly off mounting position.

Aquaswitch water detector

The small footprint and the low switching level means that the AquaSwitch may be mounted in the smallest of reservoirs. The in-built isolated relay switches loads up to 1250VA. This allows the user to select the AquaSwitch to directly switch pumps and solenoids or interface into other control circuits. The built-in Delay to off timer may be used to allow water being drained or pumped to be fully vacated or just to prevent nuisance switching.

Product Specification

There are two product models to choose from. One uses low supply voltage of 24V, and the other model uses 230Vac.

  • Switching capacity 5A 250Vac (power 1250VA)
  • Operating Temperature, Air (0-70°C), Water (0-50°C)
  • Switch On/Off Level, ON at typically 10mm ±4mm
  • Hysteresis about 2mm.
  • Delay on level fall is about 3 seconds.
  • Waterproofing protection rating IPX7
  • Wire length is about 400mm
  • Footprint size 50x40mm

Wiring Color

24V (DC or AC)

Red wire (24Vdc or 24Vac)
Blue wire (Common Ground)

Relay switch output
Black wire (C, Common)
White wire (NC, Normally Close)
Yellow wire (NO, Normally Open)

230Vac (90-250Vac)

Red wire (Live 90-250Vac)
Blue wire (Neutral)

Relay switch output
Black wire (C, Common)
White wire (NC, Normally Close)
Yellow wire (NO, Normally Open)


The AquaSwitch is intended to detect rising condensate water levels in A/C and Refrigeration applications. It may also be used in Reservoir Top-Up or High Level Alarm applications.

The AquaSwitch is a semi-submersible switch therefore it must not be used in application where it will be permanently submerged or for long extended periods. It is not recommended to use it as a low level switch.

The AquaSwitch may be used in metal or plastic collection trays. When positioning, ensure that there is 8 mm of clearance in
front and 5 mm below the sensing pads.

The AquaSwitch will operate tilted in any direction from the normal by up to 45° however for reliable operation position the AquaSwitch flat and level. Tray depth must be at least 17 mm to prevent overflowing.

Fixing Methods

  1. Use the waterproof double sided foam supplied to adhere the AquaSwitch to the side or base or the tray. Surfaces should be flat, free from grease, dust and water when fixing. Allows 24 hours for full adhesion.
  2. Screw the AquaSwitch to the wall of the tray or suitable bracket. Do not drill or screw into the AquaSwitch in any way other than by the fixing slots provided.

User Instruction Manual

Click here to download Aquaswitch user instruction manual from REFCO (PDF file about 0.5Mb).


  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive – 2014/30/EU
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) – 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS 2 – 2011/65/EU

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Power Input Type

Protective Box Case

Protect your dedicated equipment with protective hard box case.

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USB Data Blocker

Safe charging with USB Data blocker. By PortaPow.

A dongle adaptor device to protect your mobile phone from hackers while charging your mobile phone in the public facilities. Stay safe while charging and protect your privacy from hackers. A must have data protection condom for your mobile phone.

Juice Jacking (Phone Hijacking)

A new method of mobile phone hacking known as Juice Jacking is used by hackers to hijack your phone. Mischievous virus program can infect your mobile phone via a public charging station.

Once your phone is plugged in the USB port, your phone will gets the infection. The malware infection will remains inside your mobile phone even when it has already been unplugged from the mischievous charging station. This allows the hackers to sniff on your online communication activities, your banking information, and sensitive data stored inside your phone.

How to use this Data Blocker?

Charge your phone smartly.

Stay vigilant and protect your phone today by plugging in this Datablocker device between your mobile phone and a public charging station. This will prevent the infection to your phone and hence ensuring that you are safe from hacker.

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Touchless Lighting Wall Switch

Touch-less lighting wall switch. Switch On/Off your room lighting without touching the wall switch.

Suitable for installation at public area or high traffic user premises.

Reduce germs bacteria virus condemnation.
Minimise touch surface that can have direct contact with Covid virus.

Touchless Lighting Wall Switch
Video Demonstration

Build-in electronic IR sensor is sensitive to hand activation on the wall switch. Wave one time to turn on the lights and wave again to turn it off.

Simple and sensitive touchless hand wave wall switch sensor. Very simple to use.

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Consultant for global IC chips shortage

We are a electronic specialist helping businesses to solve problems in the electronic industry.

Since year 2020 there has a global chip shortage trend. This is brought in by the Covid pandemic. Demand for electronics has massively increase. The semiconductor factories around the world has not been able to keep up with the global demand.

This chip shortage is projected to last till at least 2023. This boom in electronic demand is likely going to affect many electronic business. Sales will be affect and price of IC chips is likely having an upward pressure with the shortage.

Typically lead time of 3 months chip delivery has already increase to 12-24 months (as of 23rd Nov 2021). This long lead time is a big pressure to the electronic industry.

With panic buyers buying and hogging on to stocking up more electronics chip for their own use, or for their own profiting, this will even squeeze the market to an even higher demand. It is projected that this shortage situation is going to last at least till year 2023.

Preventive measure and preparation

PIC-CONTROL style of designing electronic product is by using parts/components that are easily available on the market. Pricing is typically better and we seldom will face IC chip or electronic components shortage.

Even when the IC chip ran out of stock, we can help our client to re-design their existing product so that it can retain its function through the use of alternative compatible IC chips. Our strength in electronic design.

We also provide services to help our client to research for IC chips alternative so that they are replace their existing components. Design adapter to replace them with compatible chips.

Solution to chip shortage problem

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Trellis Automated Roof Panel System

Product by Sunshade Trellis System Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Visit website:


Automatic motorised Trellis system to shelter you from wet rain and hot sun shine, while you still get the fresh airy breeze. Louvered roof panel system installed with a rain sensor to automatically close the panel when it rains.

Installed Examples of Trellis Roof Shade System

Airy indoor open space using Trellis roof system.

The trellis roof can also be installed for indoor/outdoor balcony to create a spacious cool and relax area.

Feel the outdoor air breeze without too much hot and sunny sun shine. Nice natural lighting and cool open space.

Trellis open close roof shade system for outdoor swimming pool.

Trellis roof system provides shades for your outdoor pool during a sunny day as well as raining days.

When the weather is good, the trellis can be open up to allow for shine and breeze through the open area.

Enjoy your pool with comfort.

Trellis shade roof system for indoor corridor.

This is an indoor trellis roof canopy structure installation for a corridor inside the house.

Allows outside natural light and air breeze to enter into the house.

Makes the house cooler, brighter while using less energy.

The rain sensing mode will automatically close up the trellis to ensure that your indoor environment is keep dry and clean.

Operating Instruction

The trellis roof control is simple to operate. One button to open and another button to close the trellis.

The trellis system also comes with a rain sensor. When rain is detected, the trellis shelter can automatic close up itself so that your corridor stays dry.

An optional external buzzer can be install for auditory feedback to the user.

Opening Closing Trellis

A single push and release on the open button, the trellis will open to its preset half opening position. This preset position can be adjusted form the blue color POT on the circuit board. Another push and release will fully open the trellis.

A single push and release to the close button will fully close the trellis.

For controlling of the trellis opening to your preference, you can simply push and hold the button, to open/close the panel, and release the button when the panel reaches the position that you want.

Rain Detection

Rain detection mode can be activated to automatic control the trellis when it rains. The trellis will automatically be closed and do not allow to be open until the water gets dry out.

To open the trellis manually while the trellis is still wet, you have to switch off the rain detection mode first.

User can select this rain detection mode via a switch. The rain sensor mode indicator will get light when this mode is selected. When it is in OFF mode, the indicator will be turned off. This indicator will blink when rain is detected. If the rain mode is switched ON, the lighted indicator will starts to blink when rain is detected. Even if the rain mode is switched OFF, the indicator light will still blink when rain is detected, just that the blinking rate is slower.

System Connection Wiring

This section shows how

Wall switch to open/close the Trellis and to set for rain sensing.
Wiring Connection Diagram (for single bay Trellis installation)

Low cost rain sensor can be connected to this board to detect raining event. If the rain sensing mode is active, the trellis will automatically close itself to shelter away from the water. If you like the trellis to reacts faster to the rain, you can choose to install optical rain sensor instead. It is more precise in the rain sensing and can react faster to raining and rain stopping. You can order optical rain sensor from PIC-CONTROL.

Trellis Roof Controller Board

This is the main controller board for the trellis automated roofing system. It is the main board for driving the geared DC motor of the trellis system. Design to drive geared DC motor with a rating at about 1A (when it moves), and a stall current at about 8A to 10A.

The following is the description of the controller board.

Electronic controller circuit board for Trellis Roof Shade System.

(01) 230Vac mains incoming power input

230Vac is required for charging of the SLA battery.

(02) Indicator for 230Vac incoming power

Green indicator will gets lighted up when there is power coming from the 230Vac input.

(03) Fuse for 230Vac

Fuse of 1A is recommended for protection from the 230Vac incoming mains power source.

(04) Fuse for Battery

Fuse of 10A to 15A is recommended for protection from the battery.

(05) SLA Battery

Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Recommending 12V 1.3Ah capacity battery (97 x 43 x 51mm). Larger size 12V 7Ah SLA battery (152 x 66 x 94mm) can also be use.

This battery is used for driving the DC motor of the Trellis.

(06) Indicators for Trellis motor

When the controller is driving the Trellis motor to close, Green indicator will gets lighted up. For opening of the Trellis, Yellow indicator will gets lighted up.

(07) Motor Wire polarity (closing the Trellis)

Motor wire polarity for closing the Trellis panel is motor positive terminal on the left (pin 1), and negative terminal on the right (pin 2). Apply this polarity should activate the motor to close the Trellis.

(08) DC Motor output

DC motor output is design for driving a DC motor up to a maximum current of 10A. Typical operating current is about 1A, and can spike up to 8A to 10A when the motor is in a stalled position.

(09) Mounting Holes M3 x 4

Mounting holes available at the 4 corner of the board. Design for M3 screw mounting. Distances between the mounting holes are about 91.5mm apart.

(10) Onboard indicators

Indicators onboard for technician monitoring and troubleshooting use.

(11) Rain Sensor interface

This interface allows a simple resistivity rain sensor to be connected via two wire, signal and ground pins.

It can also connect to a more sensitive and responsive optical rain sensor for a better user experience.

(12) User switches and buzzer interface

Switch buttons for user to control and beep sounder feedback.

  • Open Trellis
  • Close Trellis
  • Rain Sensing Mode
  • Bay Select
  • Beep Sounder

(13) External Indicators

User indicators for operation and monitoring.

  • RUN
  • BAY 1 (available in 4 bay controller board)
  • BAY 2 (available in 4 bay controller board)
  • BAY 3 (available in 4 bay controller board)
  • BAY 4 (available in 4 bay controller board)

(14) Debugging port

USB debugging port for monitoring purpose. It is a virtual serial communication port with the following settings,

  • baud-rate 115200bps
  • No Parity
  • 8 Data bits
  • 1 Stop bits

(15) DIP switches

— Not available —

(16) Test switch

— Not available —

(17) Trellis position adjustment POT

When the open button is pressed for the first time from the Trellis panel closed position, the panel will open to the half open panel position. This half open panel position can be adjusted to your preference by adjusting this (17) Trellis position adjustment POT.

Battery Power and Protection System

The whole system is powered by a 12Vdc SLA Battery (Sealed Lead Acid Battery). A battery capacity of 1.3Ah is enough for typical operation.

The charging of this SLA battery is supplied via the 230Vac power input. This power do not supply power to the trellis. It is only used for charging the connected SLA battery. If the SLA battery is not connected, the system will not be able to operate correctly. This 230Vac do not have enough power to drive the trellis motor. A 1.3Ah SLA battery capacity can drive the Trellis for about 30min to 60min without any charging. It is ok to install a high capacity battery if want the system to operate longer when AC power is not available (A power blackout scenario).

A battery monitoring is designed onto the system. If the voltage level of the battery falls below a healthy level, the ERROR indicator will start blinking. When this happens, the controller will only allow user to close but not open the trellis. This is to protect the battery from over draining itself, and to conserve the energy so that it can have enough power to close up the trellis when it detect rain. If the blinking appears, you can simply wait for a while. The battery will be charged up, and allow for normal operation again. This can happen when someone is operating the trellis for a continuous period of 30min or more, or if the battery becomes faulty after long use.

It is recommended to replace the battery every 4-5 years of operation.

The system ERROR indicator will appeared to blink faster if the battery is suspected to be faulty. If this happens, leave the system alone for 24 hours. If the ERROR indicator blinking persist, please contact for technical support. It could likely be cause by the following…

  • No incoming 230Vac power supply.
  • Faulty charging circuit.
  • Battery is faulty (normal wear & tear).

The technician will diagnose and help you rectify the problem.

Technical Specification

  • Board power consumption is about 1W, up to 12W max
  • AC Power Input: 230Vac 0.1A (for battery charging purpose)
  • DC Power Input: Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA 12Vdc 1.3Ahr (for motor operation)
  • Output driver support geared DC motor of 12Vdc 1A (10A max rating)
  • Support low cost resistive, or high precision optical rain sensor.

Cable current capacity for the Battery and Motor can operate peak at about 10A. Cable gauge size of AWG16 is recommended.

Trellis Controller Board Dimension

The physical board size is about 99 x 99 x 36mm.

Propose M3 mounting hole position is 91.5 x 91.5mm.
(mounting hole size is 3.2mm, suitable for M3 size screws)

Trellis Controller Board Dimension

The weight of this board is about 350g.

Deployed Site Installation

This is a installation for a single bay Trellis controller.

The board requires a 12Vdc Seal Lead Acid battery to function and for powering up the motor. Battery as small as 12Vdc 1.2Ahr battery can be use. (can continuously operates for about 45 minutes without the charging 230Vac power mains)

Trellis controller installation


Symptom ObservationPossible Cause
Error Buzz ToneThis is the most common feedback from a user. A low sound tone sounded when the switch is pressed. This can occurred when the Trellis is not allowed to be opened when it is raining and the rain sensing function is enabled.

Error buzz tone will also sound when you are trying to open the Trellis when the battery charge is low or the battery is faulty.
ERROR Indicator Blinking (slow).Battery voltage is low. Low in charge. This may also happen if 230Vac is not connected, or the charging circuit is faulty. If the system has been operating open/close action for long period of time, this may happen too. To conserve energy during this period, the Trellis can be close but cannot be open. You can wait for 24 hrs for the battery to be charged up before you can operate it normal again.
ERROR Indicator Blinking (fast).Battery voltage is super low. Battery probably needs a replacement.
Please call for technical support.
Cannot open Trellis.Check if ERROR indicator is not blinking. If it is blinking, read up the possible cause above. You can

If the Rain indicator is blinking.
The Trellis will not allow to be open, if battery level is low. You can wait for 24 hrs for the battery to be charged up, and attempt to open again.
The trellis will also not open if the rain sensing is enabled and water is detected. You can disable the rain sensing function, and open the Trellis.

If no indicator is blinking and the Trellis cannot be open, please call for technical support.
Cannot close Trellis.Please call for technical support.
Trellis do not automatically close when it rains.Please ensure that the rain sensing mode is enable.
If rain sensing mode is enabled and the Trellis do not close automatically when it rains, please call for technical support.

Board Voltage Measurement

With reference to the Gnd pin and with the battery disconnected, the voltage measured from the board labelled no. 1 to 4 should be as follows,

  1. Vcharge = 14.4V (battery charging voltage)
  2. Vbatt = 13.6V (battery voltage)
  3. Vcc = 13V (unregulated supply to the circuit)
  4. 5V = 5V (regulated supply to the circuit)

Contact Us for further details.

This system is designed and sold by Sunshade Trellis System Pte. Ltd.

Contact them at +65 6368 9800 (office phone), (email)

Click here to visit their website at

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Voltage Converter (DC-DC Power Supply)

This is a highly efficient voltage converter power supply. Provides you with the precise voltage that you need for your project and testing purpose.

Providing you with your desired output voltage power from any DC voltage source for exmple, battery, power supply, power bank.

Small and light weight. Suitable for portable on-site or indoor desktop use.


  • Adjustable output voltage from 0Vdc to 50Vdc (up to 5A, 250W)
  • Can set current limit output.
  • Precision output settings.
  • DC barrel socket or pluggable terminal connection for input/output source.
  • Accept input from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.
  • Memory settings
  • Multiple display mode for voltage, current, power, energy and real time graphical graph.

Step down, step up Converter

This voltage converter allows a wide range of input voltage power supply from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.

You can adjust the output voltage with the user turn-knob. This voltage converter power supply will step-down or step-up to your desired output.

Power Supply Input/Output

Accept wide input voltage from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.

Adjustable output voltage 0Vdc to 50Vdc, and current limit up to 5A.

High power supply with total power output up to 250W.

It is easy to connect to this converter.

You can power up this unit (Vin) through a DC barrel jack connector (OD 5.5, ID 2.1mm), or bare wire through the pluggable screw terminal connector. (the connector on the left side)

You can tap the converted voltage power (Vout) from the same connector type. (the connector on the right side)

Power Display Mode

You can access the display mode by turning the user turn-knob.

Display mode available

  • Voltage and current display
  • Power and wattage display
  • Real time voltage/current graph display
Voltage Converter Display Mode (DC-DC Power Supply)

Operating Instruction

  1. Power up the voltage converter with external DC power supply.
  2. Set the output voltage. Select the button <V>. Press down the knob click to select the number position that you want to change. Turn the knob to adjust the voltage value.
  3. Set the output current limit. Select the button <A>. Similar to step 2, use the knob to adjust the current limit.
    Setting current limit ensure that the output current will not be more than what you have set.
  4. Press the On/off button (below the turn-knob) to switched on the output supply.
Voltage Converter Display (DC-DC Power Supply)

Physical Dimension

Size about 128 x 80 x 70mm.
Weight about 300g

To order, you can click here to contact the sales from PIC-CONTROL.