Pelican case alternative (Case Sizes Selection)

Sizes available at a glance from our box case selection table on this page.

Choose from the hard case size that fits to your use. The case sizes are different from the Pelican case product range. The hard case list starts from the smallest to the biggest size, making it easier for you to choose the size that you want.

Protective hard case
Splash Proof
Foam Protect

All the box case comes with the pre-cut protective diced foam inside (Pick & Pluck Sponge Foam). Available only for customer in Singapore.

Affordable alternative to Pelican hard cases.

Protective Box Features

  • Water resistance (Splash proof)
  • Protective foam
  • Thick rugged hard case

Protects your sensitive equipment from shock.

protective foam included inside the hard case.
pick & pluck diced sponge foam (middle section)

Case Sizes and Price List

These are rugged water resistance cases with protective foam inside.

Hard Case
ModelInner Space
(mm) estimated
Outer Dimension
(mm) estimated
Est PriceComment
HB-001*235 x 165 x 45260 x 120 x 80S$35+GSTHB-* Thin Case Series
HB-002253 x 180 x 85276 x 232 x 100S$38+GSTHB-* Thin Case Series
ABS 1.0Kg
HB-003255 x 195 x 115282 x 241 x 131S$25+GSTHB-* Thin Case Series
PP 0.8Kg
HB-004*385 x 310 x 110420 x 350 x 118S$69+GSTHB-* Thin Case Series
HB-005380 x 310 x 120400 x 365 x 135S$75+GSTHB-* Thin Case Series
ABS 2.4Kg
Inner Space
(mm) estimated
Outer Dimension
(mm) estimated
HC-001234 x 178 x 105260 x 245 x 120S$109+GST1.0Kg
HC-002234 x 178 x 155260 x 245 x 170S$109+GST 1.2Kg
HC-003228 x 178 x 100270 x 250 x 125S$65+GST Cheap
pelican case
HC-004228 x 175 x 100270 x 245 x 130S$65+GSTCheap
pelican case
HC-005228 x 175 x 150270 x 245 x 180S$72+GST Cheap
pelican case
HC-006300 x 224 x 130340 x 300 x 150S$152+GST1.8Kg
HC-007300 x 225 x 125345 x 295 x 155S$98+GST
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Inner Space
(mm) estimated
Outer Dimension
(mm) estimated
HC-010365 x 265 x 150420 x 330 x 180S$125+GST
HC-014430 x 280 x 160470 x 360 x 175S$139+GST
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HC-015430 x 290 x 150470 x 360 x 180S$139+GST
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3 layers foam
*** Most popular
Case Size
HC-016426 x 290 x 159465 x 370 x 180S$185+GST2.8Kg
HC-017545 x 355 x 266572 x 394 x 305S$198+GST4x latches
HC-020495 x 315 x 175560 x 345 x 230S$155+GSTwheels
HC-021495 x 330 x 175560 x 360 x 230S$172+GST
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4 layers foam
1x 40mm (egg shape)
2x 63mm (pluckable)
1x 10mm (foam)
HC-022500 x 350 x 200570 x 425 x 215S$159+GST
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4x latches
HC-023454 x 355 x 265575 x 395 x 305S$159+GST
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4x latches
6 layers foam
HC-024495 x 340 x 200575 x 420 x 216S$159+GST2x latches
Inner Space
(mm) estimated
Outer Dimension
(mm) estimated
HC-030549 x 349 x 288611 x 431 x 311S$175+GST
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HC-031545 x 355 x 165710 x 420 x 180S$175+GST5x latches
HC-032640 x 340 x 170721 x 431 x 181S$175+GST

HC-033635 x 330 x 165712 x 420 x 178S$195+GSTyellow color
HC-040530 x 400 x 240 (50+190)605 x 475 x 285Contact usHandle + Wheels

HC-041520 x 280 x 200 (50+150)550 x 350 x 225Contact usHandle + Wheels
HC-042520 x 290 x 200 (45+155)590 x 365 x 240Contact usHandle + Wheels

Light Weight Series Storage Box

These are lightweight (non rugged), thin storage case, non-water resistance storage box case.

Not suitable for outdoor, or transportation purpose.

Click here to check out these affordable light weight storage boxes.

Soft Case Series

These are soft case series (ZIP cover) with protection foam inside.

Suitable for protection against scratches, and withstand light knocks.

Softcase series.
comes with DIY pluckable foam.

Click here to check out the softcase series. Comes with plunk foam inside.

Buy DIY Cube Foam Sheet

Pluckable foam only product part no.

Check out these 2 links if you want to buy the sponge foam without any storage case.

<— Pick & Pluck foam (standard size pre-cut cube foam)
<— Egg Crate Wavy foam (standard size sheets)

Please take note:

  • Please take note that the size dimension indicated is approximate +/- 3mm.
  • Please note that there is GST charges on top of the price presented.
  • Price listed is subjected to changes.
  • Please email us to check the stock and availability.
  • Lead time is about 7 to 10 working days.
  • There will be additional charges for delivery.
  • Payment has to be made in advance.
  • There is no cancellation or refund once order is confirmed.
  • Only available in Singapore
  • Note: Price is recently adjusted for inflation on the 25th May 2022.

More hard case brands alternative to Pelican Case.

If there is other smaller or bigger sizes that you want, you can contact us for special size order.

Click to check out this page for more a list of other alternative hard case brands similar to Pelican Case.

For reference of various Pelican Case size (in mm), you can click here to check out this page.

  • HC001 3774763
  • HC002 3774764
  • HC003 3611650
  • HC004 4364434
  • HC005 4364439
  • HC006 3774719
  • HC007 4364438
  • HC010 4364436
  • HC011 3774711
  • HC012 3774713
  • HC013 3774715
  • HC014 3611661
  • HC015 3638627
  • HC016 3774710
  • HC017 4364441
  • HC020 4364435
  • HC021 3611665
  • HC022 3611662
  • HC023 4364441
  • HC024 4364433
  • HC030 3611663
  • HC031 4364430
  • HC032 3611664
  • HC033 4132656