Convert old vending machines to cashless payment

How to convert your older pulse and legacy vending machines to accept modern cashless payment terminals via the MDB Interface?

Vending machines provide convenient 24-hour transactions for buyers as well as sellers. It is a very efficient way of distributing daily needs products. Vending is made possible with the cash coin/notes acceptor which uses pulsed output to activate the machine to dispense.

With the advancement trend in payment, more and more people are using digital cashless payment.

  • Credit Card
  • QR code payment
  • Mobile phone NFC
  • etc…

Many of these new payment modules has adopted the vending industry MDB (multi-drop bus) interface. Using MDB interface allows vending machine and its peripheral to use the same language to communicate with each other, making the entire vending system plug & play. This means that it is simple to install and integrate. No matter the vending accessories you buy, you know that it is going to be compatible work when the MDB cable is connected to your machine.

Older legacy machines that are still using the old pulsed output coin/notes acceptor will find difficulty in integrating into the modern MDB payment collecting module.

Introducing PIC-031 MDB to Pulse converter

PIC-031 MDB to Pulse converter is designed to support older legacy machines or simple machines that accept pulse input as a means to start operating. With PIC-031 converter board, your machine can now accept modern MDB based cashless payment terminals. Your legacy machine can now accept cashless payment modes like Credit Card, QR code, NFC payment from your customers.

For developer of vending or gaming machines, you do not need to understand the technical details of the MDB (Multi-Drop Bus). Simply use PIC-031 MDB to Pulse converter, and you can interface your machine to a MDB cashless device to help you collect payment.

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