Design a vending machine to accept digital cashless payments.

Modern vending machine design involves integrating modern peripheral like cashless payment terminal and telemetry system. MDB Multi Drop Bus is a communication standard established in the vending industry to enable vending peripherals to talk to one another by simply plug-and-play. This made integration among the devices used on a vending machine much easier.

Most cashless payment terminal for digital and cashless payment are MDB ready. They allow you to accept payment like Visa/Master credit card, Apple Pay Google Pay, NFC payment, WeChat pay, etc…

This is where MDB to Pulse or RS232 converter comes in. They enable newly developed vending system to seamlessly connect to a modern cashless payment terminal. Through simply plug-and-play, your vending machine can accept a wide range of payment method fast. There is no need to spend time and effort in the learning and development work on the MDB protocol. communication protocol. Using converter enables your vending machine to accept a wide range of digital cashless payment instantly.