Cable Assembly

PIC-CONTROL provide wire and cable assembly services for low or large volume production.

Small Pitch Connector Wire Crimping Service

Assembly of very small crimped pin JST connector. The assembly can be as small as 1mm pitch connector.

small pitch SMD connector receptacle     mini connector cable assembly drawing


Wire Production Assembly

Header pin connector wire assembly

2.54mm 2pins header wire assembly

Electronic Component and Connector Assembly

Electret condenser microphone wire soldering     Electret condenser microphone wire assembly with 3.5mm stereo audio plug

Electret condenser microphone soldered wire assembly with stereo audio plug (3.5mm, 3 poles)

Speaker Ø40mm 8ohm 0.5W with soldered wire

Speaker (8Ω 0.5W Ø40mm) with wire assembled.

Connectors Selection for your cable assembly

Check out our references on connector selection for your electronic projects.


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