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Hotel Card Key Switch

Contactless Card Key Switch for
Hotel, Dormitory or Rental Room

This card key switch is designed to be activated by a contactless card. Only a contactless card can activate this switch for powering up the electrical system in a room. A normal card cannot trigger this card key

contactless hotel card key holder

Blue Glow Indicating Card Key Holder

Card key holder will glow softly in the dark to guide the guest to slot in their contactless card key.

The relay switch gets activated to turn on external power control system. The power system will switch on the electrical system in the room.


blue glowing hotel card key switch

Key Card Switch operated by RFID electronic circuit

Custom RFID reader circuit for hotel card key

RFID Switch BMS-RFS001-V1 circuit board for hotel card keyRFID Switch BMS-RF001-V1


RFID Switch product by PLC Systems Technik, Philippines

Note: Please take note that this is only the key card holder to detect the contactless card. It cannot be used to power up your electrical appliance. External power control system is required to power up the rest of the electrical appliances within the room. The following examples of high current appliances have to be powered up by an external interface.

  • Aircon
  • Lightings in the room
  • Heater
  • Fridge
  • TV
  • etc…

Other Custom RFID Products


Cable Harness Tester Equipment

Tester for your cables harness production

Affordable Cable Tester

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity TesterPIC-350

KT210 Cable Tester (Low Cost)

CTS KT210 Cable TesterCTS Combined Test Solutions logo

1000RX Cable Tester (Low Cost)

CTS 1000RX Cable TesterCirris Systems logo


uTestem Electrical Analyzer for cable harnessEMDEP logo

PAL1570 PC Cable-Check Cable Tester

Cable Depot PAL1570 PC cable testercable depot logo

PC Cable Tester

PC Cable TesterHobbes Innovation logo

Multi FunctionCable Tester Pro

Multi Function Cable Tester ProLindy Connection Perfection

CT-16 Cable Tester

CT-16 Cable TesterWireBasics logo



High-End Cable Tester

8740N Cable Harness Tester

Microtest 8740N Cable Harness TesterMicrotest logo

Cable Eye M2U Full Cable Tester

CAMI CableEye Full Cable TesterCAMI Research logo

UT8080 Series

UT8080 Cable Harness PCB FPC TesterUTRON logo

Benair B857 Connection Tester

Benair B857 Connection Tester

NX Hipot Test System

Hipot Tester for cablesDynalab logo



High Voltage Cable Tester

CableEye HVX

CAMI CableEye High Voltage TesterCAMI Research logo



Customised Your Own Cable Tester

Customised design and made cable tester for your production testing

PIC-CONTROL can help you design and custom made a cable tester for your production needs.

A dedicated test can be designed onto the tester.

  • Basic connectivity check for the connection to the correct pin on the connectors.
  • Ohm test or resistivity test for your wires and connectors.
  • High voltage test, to ensure the wires are properly insulated.
  • High-speed data or RF test to ensure signal integrity quality of your assembled cable.


Other Relevant Products

Wire Connector Checker


Cable Harness Tester

Cable Harness Connectivity Tester | PIC-350

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester


Improve your efficiency and quality of your cable harness assembly production using this cable harness tester. Fast checking to ensure that your harness wiring is done correctly by your operators.

  • Testing of cable harness connectivity for your production line.
  • A portable tester for onsite cable checking.
  • Using it as an electrical wire tester to check for electrical connection.
  • Automated connection checking on PCB board.
  • Multiple wire cable tester.

This cable tester is also designed for interfacing to your existing equipment machinery and computer to allow for a fully automated testing system.


  • Reduce production time.
  • Reduce labour cost.
  • Improve quality with reduced defects.
  • Suitable for small to large scale cable production

Simple To Use

This cable harness tester is designed to be simple to you. You can train the tester with your working set of cable harness. The tester will base on this master cable harness to test if the subsequent cables.

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester          Cable wiring production testing tool (with a Start TEST button)

To make your testing production process easier, you can connect the mating connector for your cable harness to the tester first. This allows you to connect your cable harness faster to the tester. You can connect the wire to any terminal. There is no specific port to connect because this tester can self-learn your cable connection. Simply ensure that all your wires are connected to one of the screw terminals. The tester can learn and memories the connection of your good working master cable harness connection.

Once the tester has learned the wiring connection from your cable harness, you can start to test your production cables using the same connection. A green light flash indicating “Passed means that the cable matches the master cable connectivity. A red light flashing indicates a “Failed” test. There will also be a beep sound option to allow the operator to know the test status without them having to pay attention to the light indicator.

Basic Features

This cable harness tester provides the basic testing of your harness wiring connection to your connectors. Ensure your production quality by checking all the connection on your cable harness.

Cable Harness Wire TesterCable Harness Wire Tester

  • Low-cost cable connection tester kit.
  • Checking the open/close connection between all the wire terminals on your cable.
  • Small size, light weight (easy portable).
  • Power using USB from wall plug or via portable power bank.
  • Beep sound alert (enable or disable).
  • Auto-start testing when the cable is connected or manual press button to start.
  • Screw terminal to allow you to easily setup with your own connector for your cable harness test.
  • Master connection learned will still be retained after power-off.

The test method implemented in this cable tester uses pulse signal through each and every pin to detect if a particular connection is open or close. The continuity result will be checked with the learned master connection to determine if the connection is correct.

General purpose cable connection continuity checking. The screw terminals provide you with the flexibility to use this tester for any of your cable harness connectors. If you prefer to have a specific connector tailor-made for your cable harness assembly, you can contact us for your customisation.

Enhance Features

Cable Harness Wire TesterTester powered by USB cable

  • View details test report using a computer or laptop via the USB connection.
  • Allows interface to an external switch or light indicators.
  • Allows cascade of more testers to test for more wiring connection.

This cable tester can operate with only a power supply. When connected to a computer/laptop the tester can display a detailed connectivity report of the assembled cable harness. You can use this report to find out how this cable harness is assembled, how each individual pins is connected to each other. A handy instrument tool for reverse engineering of any unknown cables.

You can use the following software to view the cable tester connectivity report.

  • Download -> Cable tester terminal software.

Custom cable tester design service

We can custom made to have your connectors on board so that it is neat (without connecting wires) and cater specially for your particular cable harness.

The tester can also be designed with a PCB board adaptor. This allows you to swap the connector type to match the connector of your cable harness assembly. It can also be custom made to fit your test jig fixture or machines, to allow for a fully automated production system.

For a customised wire connection testing for your unique cable’s connector, please contact us with your design requirements.


Cable Harness Tester

Click here for more other cable harness tester products.


Other Custom Tester Services

Cashier Monitoring System (Real Time Transaction Recording)

A monitoring system for your cashier payment transaction at your front desk.

Real time video recording with the transaction data can be archive onto your server for future audit.


  • cashier security.
  • payment transaction audit.
  • cashier training.
  • service quality monitoring.
  • operation analysis

Cashier Monitoring System (Cashier Transaction Recording)

Text Insert onto Video Stream

The cashier monitoring system is design to collect data from your cashier POS system (point-of-sales), payment terminal (contactless card, credit card), CCTV camera and other form of electronic sensor equipment. The collected data can be customised and display onto the video stream as an overlay.

The video recording can then be archive onto your server for your keeping.

This can help businesses to assess the payment process and cashier transaction to further improve business operation.

Insert Text onto Video Stream for Display

Customised text information can be inserted onto the display to assist the monitoring of the video with the relevant information presented at the time of recording.

  • Date and Time of the video/recording
  • Transaction ID
  • Number of scanned items
  • Total sales amount
  • Payment method (cash, contactless card, credit card, etc…)
  • Duration of the transaction

The system consider of a on-screen display (OSD) engine which can render the information on the monitoring screen.

This cashier transaction monitoring system will collect transaction data from the POS cashier (point-of-sales) and payment terminal, displaying on the screen in real time.

Depending on your application, customised sensor data can be collected and display real time onto your video recording.

Transaction and Sensor Information Overlay onto Video Recording

Video recording with text information overlay


Other useful application,

  • Cashier Monitoring with video recording of business transaction.
  • POS system (point-of-sales)
  • Vehicle Car Number Identification video archive (license plate OCR).
  • Customer queue number display on TV screen.
  • Video recording with Sensor data monitoring information.
  • Advertisement and announcement boardcast to a TV display.


You can customise the text information overlay onto video.

Contact Vitcomm Pte. Ltd. for further information.

Vitcomm logo

Simulator Singapore (Realistic Machine Operating and Training)

Looking Machine Simulator manufacturer in Singapore?

PIC-CONTROL can custom build simulator machines for your training needs.

The simulator provides practical training with realistic motion and Virtual environment.

Optional VR (Virtuality Reality) 3D visualisation training.

Conduct your training safely in a more effective and productive manner.

Forklift Simulator Machine for Safety Training     Virtual environment display for machine simulator (safe training)

Design and develop a dedicate training simulator for your operation.

Contact PIC-CONTROL now for your simulator machine manufacturing.

Logistic Simulator Machines

  • Forklift Simulator Machine
  • Trailer Vehicle Simulator (Logistic Vehicle Simulator)

Simulator Machine Safety Training (Forklift)     Steering control and foot pedal to control and a simulator machine (Virtual Environment)

Construction Machines Simulator

  • Heavy Excavator Crane Simulator Machine
  • Construction Digger Driver
  • Truck Driving Simulator
  • Dump Truck Simulator
  • Mining Shovel & Excavator Simulator
  • Wheel Loader Simulator
  • Tipper Truck Simulator
  • Dozer Simulator

Aviation Simulator

  • Private Jet Simulator
  • Commercial Plane Simulator
  • Helicopter Simulator

Simulation Training System, Flight Aviation for pilots     Flight simulator cockpit control panel

Marine Simulator Vehicle

  • Yacht Boat Simulator
  • Ship Simulator
  • Sail Simulator

Military Firearms Training Simulator Machine

  • Battle Tank Simulator
  • Armour Vehicle Simulator
  • Artillery Weapons Simulator
  • Gun Weapons Simulator System

Transportation Driving Simulator

  • Bus/Truck Driving Simulator Vehicle (Heavy Motor Vehicle Simulator)
  • Car Driving Simulator Vehicle (Light Motor Vehicle Simulator)
  • Motorcycle Bike Simulator
  • Emergency Vehicle Simulator

On the Road Training Drive Simulation System

VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets Virtual Environment Gaming

  • Ski Simulator

Realistic environment using VR headsets (goggles)

Virtual Reality Simulator Machine creates a realistic training experience.

Safety Training Simulators and Facility

Simulator Machine Supplier in Singapore

Custom build simulator software and machine for your unique operator training.

For your customised training simulator machine solution, you can

contact PIC-CONTROL for further information.


Short Circuit Alarm

Short circuit can happen which can interrupt your equipment or other electronic devices.

Custom Short Circuit Alarm

We can custom design short circuit detector to sense any abnormal condition and trigger an alarm alert.


Check out our custom electronic design service or contact PIC-CONTROL for more information.

Thermal Camera Calibration Plate

Thermal camera calibration plate.

The black and white colour checker pattern on the surface of the calibration plate is for colour visual camera sensor.

Behind these white patches is a metalic copper layer with the same checker pattern formation.

This pattern allows calibration alignment of the visual and thermal sensor module on a visual thermal camera.


Thermal camera calibration plate with checker board pattern PCB     Fine Calibration Checker Board for thermal camera     White dots plate PCB board for thermal camera calibration     Tolerance ±0.5mm


Depending on the calibration method, different patterns can be design and fabricated.

Black colour base coat, white colour checker box


Contact PIC-CONTROL for a custom calibration board.

Lease Electronic Hardware & Design | Rental Business Model

Leasing of electronic design and hardware is a form of renting the devices/equipment instead of owning them.

Instead of investing in the project electronic hardware design and owning the hardware, you can consider a leasing business model. You will be able to predict your monthly expense as well as having the technical support to maintain the electronic hardware deployed.

Suitable for,

  • Project operating in a lease or rental modal.
  • Businesses who want a guaranteed cost cap (limit).
  • Businesses who do not have their own technical team/staffs.
  • Long-term deployment on site.

How does it work?

You have a project that needs a new electronic hardware installation. The development, production and maintenance cost can be extremely difficult to determine.

Approach PIC-CONTROL with your project proposal. We can propose you with a leasing model. You can then lease and pay as you use. You manage the project, while we take care of the technical implementation.


  • Predictable expense. (Yearly billing in January)
  • Lower initial investment, or pay nothing upfront.
  • Warranty and technical support during the lease period.
  • Less risk when deploying a new design project (design or idea that is not yet tested).
  • Continuous design and hardware update and improvement.
  • No replacement cost of damage electronic hardware.
  • Design and production will be taken care of.


  • Do not own the design rights of the electronic hardware.
  • Design and production lead time may be slightly longer.
  • Cost is slightly more compare to paying outright to own the electronic hardware over a longer term.
  • Do not have full control over how the hardware is to be deployed.

Project Eligible for Leasing

The criteria in accepting your project for leasing is subjected to a review and approval from PIC-CONTROL.

Due to a possible complication, project application has to be fully disclosed. PIC-CONTROL can only undertake a lease rental model with sufficient information.

The following is some guideline for accepting a project for leasing,

  • Project detail needs to be presented for an assessment.
  • Practical technical implementation.
  • The trend of your project application is fairly predictable.
  • Common application.
  • Design can easily be reused.
  • Potential of deploying more and growing trend.
  • The client must have a good credit record.
  • Is not NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in nature.
  • Close collaboration.

Please note that a detailed understanding of your project is required. Meeting without prior assessment of project information is subjected to consultation charges. Please email us your project detail first.

Contact PIC-CONTROL for further information.

Electronic Hardware Design Service

Electronic hardware design is a very specialised field. It may be tedious to get started at first because you need quite a number of basic tools for building electronic hardware. Anyone can easily pick up this engineer skills in these days, learning through the internet and using Arduino development kit. The difference between a good and poor hardware design is mainly the experience.

PIC-CONTROL specialises in electronic hardware design and is committed to delivering guaranteed working product to our client. The main hardware design involves the following know-how.

If you are looking for electronic design service, please click here to our engineering service pages.

or contact PIC-CONTROL here.

Power Supply Hardware Design

Power supply hardware is the most fundamental knowledge to have when designing electronic. All circuit requires this hardware design in order to function.

These are the 3 basic power supply hardware for electronics circuit that a designer will encounter on a daily basis.

  • Regulated DC Voltage (<24Vdc)
  • Unregulated Power Supply
  • 230Vac to Vdc design

Other Power Supply Type

  • 3 Phase AC Voltage
  • Regulated DC Current
  • Very high DC voltage regulation
  • Very high DC current regulation

Microcontroller and Digital Circuit Design

The microcontroller is the heart of most electronic design these days. A microcontroller is like a mini computer chip that is able to control logic using software codes.

Due to its flexibility, most modern electronic design uses a microcontroller. It is considered a general purpose IC chip that is necessary for modern hardware design.


  • Digital Logic control
  • Analog Voltage Sensing
  • Standard Data Communication (UART, SPI, I2C)
  • Timer Timing Control
  • Analog Voltage Out

FPGA controller (similar to the microcontroller) can do operations at a much higher speed. For an application that needs computation on the fly, FPGA is an alternative. It is slightly more expensive. Most project applications do not need these extreme features.

Data Communication Design

Depending on the industry that you are in, commonly used data communication are fairly different

  • USB for consumer electronics.
  • RS232, RS485 for industrial electronics.
  • Ethernet network communication for office and new industrial electronics.
  • Wireless. (not recommended for industrial designs)

Analog Electronic Design

Analog design is seldom used in the modern electronic design. Most analogue features are integrated into a specialised IC chip. The integration work becomes more digital. It is easier and more precise when compared to designing our own analogue circuit from scratch.

For basic analogue design, it is hard to avoid using the op-amp component. It is a basic component used in the analogue design. There are many different types of the op-amp to select from depending on the nature of your project.

Industrial Standard

Difference electronic hardware designer think differently. Their design evolves over the years in their own industry. Other designers also start to copy to keep their product compatible with their industry. Over time a pattern can be observed from the electronic hardware that is designed in a particular industrial.

The electronic hardware in an oil and gas industry is different from the automotive industry. Building offices and home consumer products have their own standard hardware design.

The following are some of the evolution points to take note of when evaluating hardware design across the various industries.

Electronic Hardware Design in Singapore

For electronic hardware design, you can contact PIC-CONTROL. Send us your electronic hardware requirements to us, and we will translate your idea into a working hardware design for you.