Contactless Switches Touchless Button

Contactless switches and touch free buttons to give visitor a sound piece of mind.

Touch Free Button for Elevator Lift

Our touch free button specially design for elevator lift. Simply place your finger in front of the sensor switch to select the floor level that your visitor wants to go.

Keep your visitor feeling safe and reduce the need for frequent cleaning maintenance.

Click here to find out more about our touch-free button switch for elevator lift.

Contactless Exit Door Switch (door release push button)

Contactless exit door switch for office magnetic lock, and automated sliding/swing door.

Minimise visitor in contact with the wall switch for door control, and the exiting door.

Click here for contactless exit door opener wall switch product.

Loading Bay Touchless Control Panel

Touchless control panel switches to operate the lifting and lowering of the loading bay platform.

Door Bell

Proximity sensor to trigger door bell.

Hand Sensor Power On/Off Switch

Wave your hand to power on/off your electrical devices and appliances.

Product available to control Vdc and Vac device equipment.

Click here for more information about hand sensor power on/off switch.

Hand Gesture Command Control

Gesture recognition sensor module detect universally hand gesture using IC chip PAJ7620 or APDS-9960 (I2C interface).

UIST 2017 – Pyro is a similar thumb tip gesture recognition sensor. Using pyroelectric Infrared Sensing.

User can simply use the hand to control numerous operation and switching. No physical contact or touching with any physical surface.

Click here for the hand gesture command control module.

Custom Solution for Touch-Free Contactless Interfacing

Looking for a solution to allow your operator to interface and interact with your equipment to minimise touching or contamination of the surface. Go for contactless electronic switch today.

Email us today.

We can custom build a solution specially just for your application.

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Setting up Eclipse for ARMS Cortex development work

The reason I am doing this page is because I find development work using SEGGER IDE is really painful. It is really not a fun IDE to work with. Maybe in future, it will be better. But for now, I have a project to do, and I cannot spending time on a lousy development environment, knowing how fast it would be using a good IDE platform.

It is fortunate enough that a kind soul had developed a “GNU ARM Eclipse plugin” for development of ARMS firmware, currently supprted and maintain by Liviu Ionescu. While SEGGER does not support this plugin, it is recommended by them for developer who refer to use a better development environment for their programming.

The only disadvantage is that the developer would not be able to use the SEGGER debugging function. Being a developer, I seldom find the need to use a debugger, nor I understand how important a hardware debugger is. I don’t find it very useful so far, and managed to turn out many projects without using it. Perhaps there is a better purpose of using a debugger that I did not understand.

This is my attempt to setup Eclipse IDE for ARM Cortex firmware development work. I hope this works as it can increase my productivity tremendously. I really have a lot of blocks using SEGGER IDE, after working with many better other IDE products.

Setting Up Eclipse IDE for ARM Cortex Microcontroller development work.


  1. Download and install the Eclipse IDE. (for C/C++ Developers)
  2. Open the Eclipse program, go to the menu Help -> Eclipse Marketplace…
  3. Search for “GNU MCU Eclipse” plugin, or go to this page
    to drag the install button onto the Eclipse Marketplace dialog box.
    Click the <Confirm> button to install the plugin.
  4. Install “xPack GNU Arm Embedded GCC” program.
  5. Install the SEGGER J-Link

Guide to Nordic Bluetooth BLE for Beginner

This guide provide a certain direction to learn and understand about Bluetooth BLE using Nordic tools and microcontroller.

The learning process with Nordic product can be very overwhelming. This guide provide a means to understand Bluetooth progressively.

  1. Read the bookInside Bluetooth low energyby Naresh Gupta
    This book contains all the technical names of Bluetooth. It is important to know that these names exist. You do not need to read this book in detail for a start. Just a brief read-through of the features available in BLE. You will need to be aware of the wording convention used in Bluetooth Low Energy. Just be aware of the terminology used in the book as it is very helpful when you navigate with the following tools and working with the source-code in nRF SDK. This book can act as a dictionary for you to understand what those terms mean.
    Another book is “Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools And Techniques For Low-Power Networking” by Kevin Townsend. The content is more relevant to Nordic microcontroller chip product.
  2. Play with nRF Connect apps “Bluetooth Low Energy” using the nRF52840-Dongle
  3. A short introduction and familiarisation to nRF52840-DK board.
  4. Learning how Bluetooth connects.
  5. (Optional) Play radio test with RSSI Viewer, with the application example “Radio Test Example”
  6. Watch video of how Nordic works, and what is Nordic SoftDevices (Bluetooth stack from Nordic)
  7. Start with nRF SDK (blinky application)
    Learning how Bluetooth connects.

    Application: ble_central -> ble_app_blinky_c
    Application: ble_peripheral-> ble_app_blinky
  8. Reference about the Cortex M4 C++ programming and the Nordic API for Bluetooth programming.

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Shutter Control with Rain Sensor

No more worrying about the rain.

Use a rain sensor to automatic control your motorised roller shutter control to prevent rain water from splashing into your premises.

Rain Sensor

This rain sensor requires little maintenance as there are no mechanical parts or metal part that is expose to the wet environment.

The electronics is seal in a clear water-proof dome shape enclosure.

Simple sensor to detect and control your shutter.

Click here for more information about this rain sensor.

Motorised Roller Shutter Control

This is a 230Vac motorised roller shutter installed in a kitchen of the HDB flat. The shutter is open to allow natural air breeze to come in. When it rains, this shutter is automatically closed with the help of the rain sensor and a controller.

Shutter Open

Shutter open

Open shutter door to allow fresh air and breeze into the house.

Shutter Close

Shutter close

Shutter is automatically closed when rain water drops is detected by the rain sensor which is installed right outside this shutter.

Rain sensor mounted outside the window grill.

Wall Switch for Shutter

Wall switch for manual overwrite of the roller shutter up/down control

Manual Mode

The user can use the wall switch to manually control the shutter by pressing the up or down switch.

Auto Mode

Leaving the switch in the middle will leave the system in the automatic mode. This means the rain sensor will be in control.

When it rains, the sensor will close the shutter. When there is no rain for a period of time, the sensor will automatically open the shutter.

Rain Sensor Controller

Controller for Raini Sensor

A rain sensor controller interface between the rain sensor, the motorised roller shutter, the wall switch control panel and the electricity power.

For more information about this rain sensor controller, please click here.

Rain Sensor Installation Photos

Depending on how fast you want the sensor to be activated, the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted. In typical installation, we will set it to the most sensitive.

A custom mounting bracket can be use to extend out the sensor. This will help the sensor to activate the shutter close earlier before the rain gets splash into your home.

Rain sensor is extended out from the wall to detect the rain outside.
Robust rain sensor under the hot sun.

Relevant Post

Cashless Card Payment for Vending Machine

Looking for a cashless card payment reader for your new vending machine?

Check out this page, to guide you along in getting your machine connected to the latest digital payment system.

cashless payment terminal for vending machine                    japan drink vending machine

Cashless Card
Payment Terminal

Selecting Your Vending Machine

There are many types of the vending machine to choose from. You do not need to be restricted or worry about not being able to connect with a cashless payment system. We are proficient in connecting up systems together.

One important point to take note is understanding the vending machine standard. As the vending machine is getting more and more popular, standards are established in the industry. Having a standard enables easier integration with vending machine related peripherals.

food vending

The two common communication standard between vending machine peripherals and electronic devices are MDB and VCCS. This standard takes care of how electronic devices talks to other devices within the vending machine.

MDB is a common vending machine protocol used in the European countries. It is fairly common in Singapore too.

VCCS is a common vending machine protocol used in Japan. You might be able to see innovation Japan vending machine deployed around Singapore island.

DEX (Data Exchange) is a protocol for collecting audit and monitoring events information from vending machine.

It is recommended that you look for a vending machine that is supporting MDB communication protocol. You can ask your vending machine manufacturer if their machine can support MDB or VCCS.

Using a vending machine design to the specific standard is cost-effective. You can simply plug in an MDB enabled cashless card payment terminal and you expect it to work without issues. It is plug and play. There is a lower probability of facing technical issues. This also translates to lower deployment cost and maintenance cost.

A vending machine that does not conform to the MDB or VCCS standards can also be connected to a cashless card payment terminal. Our engineer will have to assess your unique vending machine and design interfaces to enable your machine to communicate with the standard payment system. Many new unique vending machine may not support MDB or VCCS.

If you want to use such a unique vending system, we can assist you further. Simply send us your vending machine information,

  • photos of the machine,
  • technical documentation,
  • operation manual,
  • etc…


Contact PIC-CONTROL for further questions.

Cashless card payment device accept Ezlink, NetsFlashPay, CEPAS, Credit Card (Visa/Master), Alipay, etc… For more information on the terminal, you can check out this cashless payment terminal commonly used in Singapore.


Typical Vending Machine Payment Application

food ticketing voucher    Beer dispenser     Fuel dispensing payment system

  • Drinks Vending Machine
  • Drinks Dispenser Machine
  • Food Voucher Ticket Machine
  • Microwave Food Vending Machine
  • Electronic Gadget Vending Machine
  • Sandwiches Vending Machine
  • Newspaper Vending Machine
  • Candy Station
  • Snacks Vending Machine
  • Surprise Toy/Gift Vending Machine
  • Ice-Cream Dispenser Machine
  • Gold Vending Machine
  • Cigarette Vending Machine
  • Beer Vending Machine
  • Ticketing Machine
  • Coffee Maker
  • Water Dispenser


Click here to check out our -> cashless payment solution in Singapore.


Cashless Card Payment for Arcade Gaming

Wanting to integrate a Cashless Card Payment system for your arcade gaming machine in Singapore?

Game payment using Ezlink, NetsflashPay, Credit Card (Visa/Master), Alipay, and more…

Cashless Payment Terminal System

Game Arcade Centre Gaming machines

Custom Solution for Cashless Payment

Send us your arcade machine information for our assessment of your gaming or entertainment machine. We will be able to provide you with a quote.

Click here to check out our rental rate of a cashless payment device for your gaming machine.

Table game machine    Toy catcher machine

Suitable Arcade Gaming Use

Basketball gaming

  • Arcade Gaming Machine
  • Toy Catcher
  • Table Game
  • Virtual Shooting Game
  • Slot Machine
  • Juke Box Machine
  • DIY Karaoke Booth

Slot game machine    Juke box



For more information, click here to check out our -> cashless terminal payment system offer in Singapore.