Contactless Switches Touchless Button

Contactless switches and touch free buttons to give visitor a sound piece of mind.

Touch Free Button for Elevator Lift

Our touch free button specially design for elevator lift. Simply place your finger in front of the sensor switch to select the floor level that your visitor wants to go.

Keep your visitor feeling safe and reduce the need for frequent cleaning maintenance.

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Contactless Exit Door Switch (door release push button)

Contactless exit door switch for office magnetic lock, and automated sliding/swing door.

Minimise visitor in contact with the wall switch for door control, and the exiting door.

Click here for contactless exit door opener wall switch product.

Hand wave touch-less lighting wall switch

Touchless wall switch for you office or rooms. Suitable for installation at high traffic area or public space.

Reduce physical surface contact with germs, bacteria or virus condemnation.

Simple to operate your lights. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn on, and wave your hand again to switch the lights off.

Check out this link for more information about this touchless wall switch for lightings.

Loading Bay Touchless Control Panel

Touchless control panel switches to operate the lifting and lowering of the loading bay platform.

Door Bell

Proximity sensor to trigger door bell.

Hand Sensor Power On/Off Switch

Wave your hand to power on/off your electrical devices and appliances.

Product available to control Vdc and Vac device equipment.

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Hand Gesture Command Control

Gesture recognition sensor module detect universally hand gesture using IC chip PAJ7620 or APDS-9960 (I2C interface).

UIST 2017 – Pyro is a similar thumb tip gesture recognition sensor. Using pyroelectric Infrared Sensing.

User can simply use the hand to control numerous operation and switching. No physical contact or touching with any physical surface.

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Custom Solution for Touch-Free Contactless Interfacing

Looking for a solution to allow your operator to interface and interact with your equipment to minimise touching or contamination of the surface. Go for contactless electronic switch today.

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We can custom build a solution specially just for your application.

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