Voltage Converter (DC-DC Power Supply)

This is a highly efficient voltage converter power supply. Provides you with the precise voltage that you need for your project and testing purpose.

Providing you with your desired output voltage power from any DC voltage source for exmple, battery, power supply, power bank.

Small and light weight. Suitable for portable on-site or indoor desktop use.


  • Adjustable output voltage from 0Vdc to 50Vdc (up to 5A, 250W)
  • Can set current limit output.
  • Precision output settings.
  • DC barrel socket or pluggable terminal connection for input/output source.
  • Accept input from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.
  • Memory settings
  • Multiple display mode for voltage, current, power, energy and real time graphical graph.

Step down, step up Converter

This voltage converter allows a wide range of input voltage power supply from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.

You can adjust the output voltage with the user turn-knob. This voltage converter power supply will step-down or step-up to your desired output.

Power Supply Input/Output

Accept wide input voltage from 6Vdc to 55Vdc.

Adjustable output voltage 0Vdc to 50Vdc, and current limit up to 5A.

High power supply with total power output up to 250W.

It is easy to connect to this converter.

You can power up this unit (Vin) through a DC barrel jack connector (OD 5.5, ID 2.1mm), or bare wire through the pluggable screw terminal connector. (the connector on the left side)

You can tap the converted voltage power (Vout) from the same connector type. (the connector on the right side)

Power Display Mode

You can access the display mode by turning the user turn-knob.

Display mode available

  • Voltage and current display
  • Power and wattage display
  • Real time voltage/current graph display
Voltage Converter Display Mode (DC-DC Power Supply)

Operating Instruction

  1. Power up the voltage converter with external DC power supply.
  2. Set the output voltage. Select the button <V>. Press down the knob click to select the number position that you want to change. Turn the knob to adjust the voltage value.
  3. Set the output current limit. Select the button <A>. Similar to step 2, use the knob to adjust the current limit.
    Setting current limit ensure that the output current will not be more than what you have set.
  4. Press the On/off button (below the turn-knob) to switched on the output supply.
Voltage Converter Display (DC-DC Power Supply)

Physical Dimension

Size about 128 x 80 x 70mm.
Weight about 300g

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Rechargeable Battery

There are many types of rechargeable battery. The common battery selection in Singapore are listed here. Here we will not bore you with the details of how each type of rechargeable battery works. We will only provide enough information to allow you to pick the most suitable battery for your application.

This is a reference page which summarises the common battery sizes available on the market. It helps you choose the most suitable battery and sizes for your design application. Feel free to bookmark this page for your future references.

The battery is considered dangerous goods in the transportation industry. It is important to package it with care. Any short circuit on the battery or dent damage can result in a fire. If you are shipping batteries, it is important to read more regarding the transport rules and regulation.

The following sections introduce some of the common rechargeable battery that can be found in Singapore.

Nickel Cadmium Battery (NiCd)

NiCd Nickel Cadmium BatteryThis NiCd battery used to be one of the most common batteries in the market. Due to the varies disadvantage it has over the newer type of rechargeable, it is slowly disappearing from the market. The capacity is lower and it is known to have the memory effect problem which will reduce its efficiency to store energy over a limited number of the charge cycle.

This battery is often used to power up portable hand-drill and other equipment.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH)

Ni-MH Nickel Metal Hydride BatteryNiMH battery took over NiCd battery over time. NiMH is commonly available in the form of AA, AAA battery in Singapore.


9V Ni-MH Battery

Lithium-ion Battery (Li-ion)

This is the latest rechargeable market on the market. A typical cylinder shape, similar to AA battery. The batteries are now used in a lot of electronic devices (portable drill, laptop battery, etc…).

It comes with many form factor nowadays with popular brands like UltraFire,

Model Voltage
16340 (CR123A) 3.6V 880 ø16  x 34mm 16340 Li-ion Batteryultrafire-logo
18350 3.7V 1200 ø18  x 35mm  
18500 3.7V 3000 ø18 x 50mm  
18650 3.7V 3000 ø18.3 x 64.8mm 18650 Li-ion Battery
26650 3.7V 5000  ø26 x 65mm 26650 Li-ion Battary
32650 3.7V 6000 ø32 x 65mm  
AAA 3.6V 500  ø10 x 43.5mm  
AA 3.6V 900  ø14.5 x 50.5mm  
CR2450 or LIR2450 (rechargeable coin battery) 3.6V 100 ø24 x 5.2mm 2450 Coin Rechargeable Battery
CR2032 (rechargeable coin battery) 3.6V 40 ø20 x 3.2mm 2032 Coin Rechargeable Battery
CR1225 (rechargeable coin battery) 3V 48 ø12.5 x 2.5mm  

Charging IC for Li-ion battery
– MAX1555 (2x power input switching)
– MCP73831 (SOT-23-5)
– MCP73833 (MSOP-10, with temperature monitoring)
– MCP73871 (QFN-20)

Lithium Polymer Battery (LiPo)

606790 Li-Po BatteryThe most significant advantage of a LiPo is that the battery can be customised into a rectangular block. It is very popular for use in portable electronic devices where there is limited space available. Most of the time it comes in a flat thin rectangular bar. This is unlike the Li-ion battery.

The LiPo battery usually comes with a protective battery circuit. The protective circuit helps to prevent over-charging and over-discharge. It is usually attached to one end of the battery and is secured by the yellow translucent thermal adhesive tape, followed by a pair of red/black wire to attached to your electronic circuit. You can see and feel the circuit at the end of the battery.

The following presents the commonly Single Cell Li-Po sizes and battery capacity.

Model Voltage
Capacity (mAHr) Length
031015 041020 301012 301015 301025 331020 351015 3.7V 40          Li-Po Battery  
031230 041030 301230 302025 401030 501417 3.7V 110          752025 Li-Po Battery  
JS-2419 3.7V 120 28 13 4.7 3.7g   4.95
JS-8181 3.7V 400 47 32 4.5 11.3g   5.95
JS-3418 3.7V 850 51 29.5 5.84 14.2g   7.95
JS-8495 3.7V 1000 52 42 6 17.0g   9.95
JS-5166 3.7V 2000 59 55 5.2 36.9g   13.95
  3.7V 3000 47.5 38.8 16.1 60g   22.95
  3.7V 2500 68 61 6     4.50
754060 3.7V 2500 60 40 7.5     7.99
883090 3.7V 2500 90 30 8.8    545135 Li-Po Battery 7.36
 605085 3.7V 3000  85 50 6     10.80
 904270 3.7V 3000  70 42 9     11.80
  3.7V 3200  100 70 4     5.32
  3.7V 3200  103  52  6     9.57
 507184 3.7V 3500  84 71  5     9.57
 7045100 3.7V 3700  100  45 7     10.63
 6068100p 3.7V 4000  100  68  6     6.92
 855085 3.7V 4000  85  50  8.5     10.63
 606790 3.7V 4200  90  67  6     10.20
 L067 3.7V 4500  97  72  5.4     13.32
  3.7V 5000  79  79  4.5     10.20
 146385 3.7V 9000  85 63  14     17.15

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4)

LiFePO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4) is known to be a safer battery. It is about 3V for each cell.


Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA)

Seal Lead Acid BatteriesSLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery has been around for a very very long time. It is commonly used in automotive and UPS application. The battery is the most suitable battery if your load requires high initial draw of current. This SLA battery has that capacity to support high surge without damaging itself.


The follow are some of the common SLA battery capacity and sizes

Model Voltage
Capacity (AHr) Length
NP0.8-12 12V 0.8 96 25 61.5 0.35    
NP1.2-12 12V 1.2 97 48 54.5 0.57    
NP2-12 12V 2.0 150 20 89.0 0.70    
NP2.3-12 12V 2.3 178 34 646.0 0.94    
NP2.6-12 12V 2.6 134 67 64.0 1.12    
NP4-12 12V 4.0 90 70 108.0 1.70    
NP7-12 12V 7.0 151 65 97.5 2.65   Most Common
NP12-12 12V 12.0 151 98 97.5 4.00    
NP18-12B 12V 17.2 181 76.2 167.0 6.20    
NP24-12 12V 24.0 166 175 125.0 8.65    
NP24-12B 12V 24.0 166 175 125.0 8.65    
NP65-12 12V 65.0 350 166 174.0 22.80    
NP1.2-6 6V 1.2 97 25 54.5 0.30    
NP3-6 6V 3.0 134 34 64.0 0.65    
NP4-6 6V 4.0 70 47 105.5 0.85    
NP7-6 6V 7.0 151 64 97.5 1.35    
NP10-6 6V 10.0 151 50 97.5 2.00    

Hitachi HV7-12 VRLA Battery (12V, 7Ah), High Power

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (also known as Sealed Lead Acid Battery), from Hitachi, Japan.

Hitachi HV7-12 (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery)Model no. : HV7-12

Rating 12V, 7Ah

Constant Voltage Charge (20°C)

Standby Use: 13.6 ~ 13.8V

Initial Current: 2.1A (MAX)

Reference guide for charging

SLA Battery (Charging Guide)

A Full Charge SLA battery measure about 12.65V.
Charging voltage at 13.4V -> Continuous float charging (recommended chrage voltage if you intend to continuous charge SLA 24 hours per day.)
Charging voltage at 13.8V -> Slow charging
Charging voltage at 14.7V -> Fast charging

Voltage Level (at rest, room temperature) Battery Charge Status
12.65V 100% (Fully Charged)
12.45V 75%
12.24V 50%
12.06V 25%
11.89V or less Discharged (Not Desirable, will damage battery)

A SLA battery contains 6 cells. Ideally, each cell is about 2.15V. Six cells will form up a maximum voltage of 12.9V.

Lithium Battery (Charging Guide)

Battery capacity percentage base on battery’s voltage
Lithium battery charging status using MCP73871 charging IC.

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