Touch-Free Button for Elevator Lift

Elevator lift has a high probability of human to human transmission of virus and germs. Introducing our touch-free button. Solution to select the floor to go to without physically touching the lift buttons.


Putting your guest at ease with touch-free touchless button.

  • Reduce manpower and frequency to clean the elevator lift.
  • More hygienic and reduce spread of gems and virus


This touch free switch is simple to use. The user simply place their finger about 20-40mm away from the surface of the touch-free button switch, the sensor will detect and activate the switch just like a normal touch button on the elevator lift.

Touch-Free Button Video Demonstration

Touch free elevator lift button demonstration
Touch free elevator floor level button


  • Very low power consumption (less than 40mA) a minimum of 9Vdc, 12Vdc to 24Vdc.
  • Infra-red sensor technology to detect finger from a distance of 20 to 40mm.
  • Strong and durable aluminum case.
  • Water and Dust proof.
  • Normally open dry contact switch output.
  • Easy to integrate to elevator lift, as well as other electronic equipment.
  • Button indicator (blue color)
Square Touch Button Switch
Round Touch Button Switch


The installation is simple. It is design to be compatible to all evaluator lift system.

Switch is dry contact and can easily to integrate to any existing elevator lift system or other electronic/electrical system that uses switches to operate.

You can install the switches as additional operating panel without removing your existing lift button panel. It is that simple.

This touch-free switch can easily fit into a wide range of pre-cut control panel holes from Ø33mm to Ø37mm. Standard switch diameter size are 32.5mm and 35.6mm.

The button can operate with voltage input between 9Vdc, ,12Vdc to 24Vdc. (Can be as low as 7Vdc).

It consist of 6 wired connections.

Pin 1 – 9-24Vdc +ve (Red)
Pin 2 – 9-24Vdc -ve (Black)
Pin 3 – Switch Output (Blue)
Pin 4 – Switch Output (Green)
Pin 5 – LED indicator + (Brown)
Pin 6 – LED indicator – (Orange)

The power consumption of the switch is very low, within only 40mA. When operating power 12Vdc to 24Vdc, the button current consumption is at 3.4mA (standby) and 26.7mA (when activated). The LED current can be from about 3mA (for 12Vdc) to about 9mA (for 24Vdc)

The following wiring diagram illustrate how you can connect this touch-free button to any existing elevator lift system. This touch-free button has a built-in mini mechanical relay to replicate a typical mechanical switch in a life system This makes it easy for this touch-free button switch to be installed with any electronic equipment or system.

Our engineer can support you for your installation.