CEPAS Card Key Holder [PIC-345]

Wall-mounted cardholder that reads CEPAS card for authenticating user’s identity for the usage of facilities. Using CAN number is a convenient registration of the temporary guest user.


  • Office room energy saving.
  • Meeting room usage.
  • Gym room booking.
  • Scheduled lecture hall lessons.
  • The authorised user of a facility.
  • Hotel card key energy-saving, and electricity control.
  • User guest registration.
  • Authorised operating of machines or system.


  • Read the CAN number of a CEPAS card (Ezlink or NetFlashPay)
  • Communication RS485 (other mode is available, RS232, Wiegand)
  • Optional board for network communication and power switching through the mechanical or solid state relay.
  • Operates from 12V


Face Plate size 86 x 86mm
Face Plate Dimension Drawing

Wall Mounting Method

This CEPAS card key holder is to be wall-mounted like a typical light switch in Singapore. It can be flush/surface mounted onto the standard 86 x 86mm wall box.

Wall Flush Mount Plastic Box (86 x 86mm)
Wall Flash Mount Metal Box (86 x 86mm)
Wall Surface Mount Box (86 x 86mm)

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Hotel Card Key Switch

Contactless Card Key Switch for
Hotel, Dormitory or Rental Room

This card key switch is designed to be activated by a contactless card. Only a contactless card can activate this switch for powering up the electrical system in a room. A normal card cannot trigger this card key

contactless hotel card key holder

Blue Glow Indicating Card Key Holder

Card key holder will glow softly in the dark to guide the guest to slot in their contactless card key.

The relay switch gets activated to turn on external power control system. The power system will switch on the electrical system in the room.


blue glowing hotel card key switch

Key Card Switch operated by RFID electronic circuit

Custom RFID reader circuit for hotel card key

RFID Switch BMS-RFS001-V1 circuit board for hotel card keyRFID Switch BMS-RF001-V1


RFID Switch product by PLC Systems Technik, Philippines

Note: Please take note that this is only the key card holder to detect the contactless card. It cannot be used to power up your electrical appliance. External power control system is required to power up the rest of the electrical appliances within the room. The following examples of high current appliances have to be powered up by an external interface.

  • Aircon
  • Lightings in the room
  • Heater
  • Fridge
  • TV
  • etc…

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Payment Terminal Singapore (Ezlink, PayFlash, PayWave and PayPass)

Cashless Payment Terminal

iUC180 Payment Terminal for cashless transactioniUC180 Payment Terminal
(EVA mounting standard for vending machine)
Power rating: 10-45Vdc (2A)
Check out the dimension size of this cashless card payment terminal.

iUP250 Payment Terminal for cashless transactioniUP250 Payment Terminal

iUR250 Payment Terminal for cashless transactioniUP250 Payment Terminal

Some other payment terminal accept up to 4 SAM card.

Check out our cashless payment terminal system rental package at
$5-$8 dollars a day
(integration engineering fee included).

Contactless Cashless Payment in Singapore

The following is a list of commonly used cashless card type in Singapore.

  • Ez-Link (CEPAS)
  • NETS PayFlash (CEPAS)
  • PayWave
  • PayPass
  • SGQR

Other types of accepted payment method

  • Visa, Master, Amex, JCB, Diners, UPI
  • Alipay & WeChat (NEW)
  • GrabPay & Singtel Dash (NEW)
  • PayNow (NEW)

Ez-Link payment (CEPAS)

NETS FlashPay payment (CEPAS)

Visa PayWave payment

Mastercard PayPass payment

SG QR code cashless payment


Card Reader for CEPAS Ezlink NetsFlashPay CAN Number

Check out this Card Reader for reading out the CAN number of local Singapore CEPAS cards, Ezlink or NetsFlashPay.

This card reader reads out the CAN number. A CAN number is a unique number which can uniquely identify the card.

Standard CEPAS CAN Card Reader Products

Card Key Holder

(Energy Saving)
Product code: PIC-345
1) Dry Contact

Door Access

(Wall Mounted)
Product code: PIC-346

1) Wiegand
2) RS485
3) RS232

Desktop Reader

(Guest Registration)
Product code: PIC-347

1) USB Keyboard [PIC-347-HID]
2) USB Com Port [PIC-347-COM]


Ezlink CAN Card Holder CEPAS Reader (Energy Saving) CEPAS Door Access Card Reader HID Desktop USB CEPAS CAN Card Reader (Guest Registration)
CEPAS NetsFlashPay CAN Card Holder Reader (Energy Saving) CEPAS Door Access Card Reader HID USB CEPAS CAN Card Reader (Guest Registration)

CEPAS CAN Number Card Reader

Circuit Board (Custom OEM)

This reader allows you to use publicly available cards (Ezlink, NetsFlashPay cards) for your own unique card ID application. It will save you the cost of issuing your own unique ID cards (which easily can cost you $50 per card holder). User also need not have to carry multiple cards with them.

Typical Application

  • Protect your visitor/customer privacy. Obtain unique ID of visitors or customers without revealing their identity card.
  • Using easily available CEPAS card for permanent or temporary access to private rooms without issue new cards.
  • In-house gaming or credit point system.
  • Guest visitors registration.
  • Membership registration and tracking.

If you are looking you are looking for a card payment terminal for your automated cashier, [you can click here and check out this page].

CAN number reader for NetsFlashPay and Ezlink card


  • Communication connection (Custom option for Wiegand, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB Virtual Com Port, USB Keyboard Wedge)
  • Instant readout of the CAN number (ASCII text) of the card.
  • Buzzer feedback
  • Read light indicator
  • No need to install any software or driver (for USB Keyboard Wedge).
  • Can act as an HID keyboard for spreadsheet or text file data entry (keyboard wedge application like a barcode scanner)
  • User mode switch to select the operation mode
  • Can be customised to read any type of 13.56MHz HF RFID cards.

This card reader can be custom programmed by our engineer to read other types of 13.56MHz RFID cards/tags. Some of the cards/tags are as follows,

  • Mifare Ultralight (U1X), Ultralight C (U2X)
  • Mifare Classic Mini (S20), Classic (S50), Classic (S70)
  • Mifare Plus S (SPLUS 60), Plus S (SPLUS 80)
  • Mifare Plus X (PLUS 60), Plus X (PLUS 80)
  • Mifare DESFire EV1
  • Sony Felica, Felica Lite
  • NFC tags, NFC phone/device
  • Emulate mode to emulate RFID tags
  • ISO/IEC14443-3 Type A, ISO/IEC14443-4 Type A
  • ISO/IEC14443-3 Type B, ISO/IEC14443-4 Type B
  • NFC IP-1 mode

API and Software Technical Support

Guarantee software support to ensure everything works as you intended to be. Our engineer is ready to support and ensure that the reader that you purchase works on any of your software platform. We are here to make it work for your application.

Ezlink Card (CEPAS CAN number)

Ezlink card
CAN number behind Ezlink card

FlashPay Card (CEPAS CAN number)

NetsFlashPay card
CAN number behind NetsFlashPay card

CEPAS Compliance Cards (Co-brand)

The following types of cards can be CEPAS compliance. They can be used just like the card from Ezlink and FlashPay.

  • Passion Card membership card
  • Autopass Card (for Foreign Vehicle entering into Singapore)
  • Selected Credit Card (Standard Chartered Unlimited, Citibank SMRT, POSB Everyday Card, FEVO)

CAN Number Allocation for CEPAS Cards in Singapore

A CAN number is unique allows you to identify the cardholder group category in Singapore. This helps to identify if the card is a normal transportation payment card or a concession card. Information is obtained from Transit Link Pte Ltd.

  • 1000 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Adult CEPAS card)
  • 1009 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Adult Co-Brand)
  • 1111 xxxx xxxx xxxx (NETS Flashpay)
  • 8000 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Concession cards: Child, Pri, Sec, Ter, NS, Senior Citizen)
  • 8009 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Concession cards: Child, Pri, Sec, Ter, NS, Senior Citizen)
  • 8008 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Concession cards: Child, Pri, Sec, Ter, NS, Senior Citizen)
  • xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (SG Enable, Concession cards issue for the disability)

*** Note:
All concession cards do not allocate any specific CAN number for the different type of concession cards. This means that card number allocated by SG Enable  will be the same number range as the other types of concession cards. For the specific organization card number range, please write in to that specific organization for more information.

Transportation Card Around The World

More transportation card around the world for your card reader customisation.

  • Ezlink, FlashPay Card (Singapore)
  • Octopus Card (Hong Kong)
  • Touch ‘n Go (Malaysia)
  • Edy, nanaco, taspo, Waon (Japan)
  • Flazz (Indonesia)
  • Metro Card (United States)
  • Myki, Opal Card (Melbourne, Sydney)
  • PayPass, PayWave, FarePay (Credit Card Payment Network)

For the cards that you want to custom the read, you can send in 3 or more card samples. Please write down the data or text that is contained in the card that you want to read.

Custom RFID reader

Contact PIC-CONTROL for your custom RFID reader today.
We can design the communication to fit into your system. It can be Ethernet, Wifi, Modbus, Zigbee, etc…

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