Washing Machine Centralised Kiosk Payment System

Cashless payment kiosk for your laundromat.
from Fresh Laundry Pte. Ltd.

Payment Kiosk User Guide

Integrated Washing Machine Payment System
Washing machine from Fresh Laundry

  1. The customer put clothes into a washing machine available.
  2. Customer press a start button on the washing machine to trigger for payment.
  3. The washing machine will inform the payment kiosk to collect the payment.
  4. The customer walks to the nearest payment kiosk and flashes their cashless card (Ezlink, NETS FlashPay, PayWave, PayPass card) for payment.
  5. Payment kiosk will then instruct the washing machine to proceed with the wash after the payment is completed.

Custom Centralised Kiosk Payment System

Contact PIC-CONTROL for your customised kiosk payment system.

Integrated Washing Machine System Washing machine from Fresh Laundry

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Speed Queen Washer/Dryer Wiring Connection

Central Cashless Payment Terminal
Ez-Link payment   NETS FlashPay payment   Visa PayWave payment   MasterCard Pay Pass payment   SG QR code payment

                                        Cashless Payment Terminal


Reference Guide

Click here for the payment system installation for Speed Queen Dryer and Washing machines.