Payment Card Reader Terminal Dimension

Card Payment Reader Terminal Model
Terminal front view and back view.

iUC180 Payment Card Reader Terminal for cashless card payment in Singapore. This wireless card terminal is very compact in size.

The terminal is designed with a EVA mounting standard. The standard standardise and simply the terminal device mounting work.

The following presents the dimension and size of the card payment reader terminal so that you can have some idea how it can fit into your vending or gaming machines.

Card terminal perspective view.
Exploded view.

Card Terminal Dimension

The card terminal measures about 102x134x71mm.

Card Payment Terminal Dimension Size

Propose Mounting Bracket for Payment Terminal

Propose 4x M4 studs at the corner, forming a rectangular shape. To be secure by nuts.

Recommended mounting through the 4x M4 studs.

Propose Mounting Bracket Dimension

Mounting bracket studs size and position

Card Terminal Labeling Dimension

Terminal Casing Customisation

Check out our card payment terminal rental package which includes our standard fabricated casing for your vending or gaming machines. This rental package is design for businesses to cap unforseen operating cost expense relating to the payment terminal.