Switch Selection

Switches selection list for your electronic design. The list contains simple images and the commonly used names for the switches. This will help you as an electronic designer to source for the switch that they are looking for.

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Get the exact Switch that you need?

A switch is a simple device that can make an electrical connection. It is like short-ing two pieces of wire together. There are many switch configuration to choose from depending on your application.

To get the precise switch characteristic and switching configuration, it is important to study the technical jargon commonly used to describe a switch. Knowing these can help you pick the right switch for your project.

Switch Contact Type

SPST or 1P1T means single pole single throw switch. SPDT or 1P2T means single pole dual throw switch.

  • SPST, 1P1T
  • SPDT, 1P2T
  • DPST, 2P1T
  • DPDT, 2P2T
  • etc…

Switching Characteristic

Type of switching characteristic:

Switching CharacteristicCommon AvailableDescription
ON-OFF*This is a ST switch. Switch to one side will make the connection. Switching to the other side is an open connection.
(ON)-OFF*This is a ST switch. Switching the switch to ON will make the connection. Release it, the switch will automatically spring back to the off position. This is also known as a momentary switch.
ON-(OFF)ST switch similar to a “(ON)-OFF” except that the default is at the “ON” position. Momentary OFF.
ON-ONThis is a DT switch.
ON-(ON)This is a DT switch. Spring return default position to the “ON” position. Momentary on the “(ON)” position.
ON-OFF-ON*This is a 3-throw switch. Switching to either side will connect the respective switch. The switch will be “OFF” if it is switched to the middle.
ON-OFF-(ON)This is a 3-throw switch similar to “ON-OFF-ON”. One of the “ON” side is momentary.
(ON)-OFF-(ON)*This is a 3-throw switch similar to “ON-OFF-ON”. Both the “ON” side is momentary. When release, the switch is always in the middle OFF position.


  • * means that this type of switching characteristic is commonly available in the market.
  • (..) bracket means that the switch position is momentary (will not latch or hold on to the position if you release the lever),
  • “ON” or “OFF” without a bracket means that it is a latch position,
  • “OFF” means that there is no connection mate between throw.

Switching characteristic (For switch with 2 or more throw. Typically for sliding switch.):

  • non-Shorting (typically) – contact is break first before making contact with the next contact.
  • Shorting – contact is short with the next contact, before breaking with the previous contact.

Jumper Header Switch (for PCB)

Jumper header switch

Tactile Push Button Switch (for PCB)

tactile switch (white, PCB mount)
tactile switch (micro, PCB right angle mount)
tactile switch (micro, PCB mount)

DIP Switch (for PCB)

DIP switch

Sliding Switch

vertical pcb mount sliding switch
horizontal pcb mount sliding switch

Metal Dome (Snap Domes) Tactile

snap dome switch

Snaptron, custom dome switch plate piece.

Toggle Switch

Toggle switch (Panel mount)
Toggle switch dimension & size

Metallic Chassis Mount Switch (with illumination ring)

Metallic push switch (with ring light illumination)
Metallic push switch (with ring light illumination)
Metallic push switch (dimension size)

Arcade Button Switches

arcade push button switches

Cherry Switches (Mechanical Switches)

Cherry Switches   Cherry Switches

Cherry switch selection types and color

Custom Cherry switch key cap

Compatible Cherry Switches Brands

  • Gateron
  • Kailh
  • Greetech
  • Outemu


Emergency Push Switch

Emergency stop push switch     Push button switch

Key Lock Switch

Key lock switch

Wall Switch (Momentary)

Wall switch (momentary or latched)