Connector Selection Guide | Singapore

Connector Selection Guide for Electronic System Designer

Type of connectors to choose from for your electronic project design. List of the commonly available connector footprint and dimension.

Connector Shortcuts List

Shortcuts references to the popular brands.

Bare Wire Connector for PCB

Connector catalog reference from KaiFeng (download catalog pdf file here, 14.3mb)

1) 3.81mm Pitch Pluggable Screw Terminal (rating 8A) (3.81mm, 3.5mm)

3.81mm pluggable screw terminal connector 3.81mm pitch pluggable screw terminal, 4pos

2) 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable Screw Terminal

(rating 15A)

5.08mm pluggable screw terminal connector 5.08mm pluggable screw terminal, 2 pos 5.08mm pluggable scre terminal 2pos, 4pos 5.08mm pluggable screw terminal, front view

3) 5.08mm Pitch Screw Terminal (*)

fixed screw terminal connector

4) 2.54mm Spring-Cage Terminal (*)

spring cage connector Push-in vertical connector 10 positions

  • Pluggable Screw Terminal
  • Push-in spring connection
  • Spring-cage connection (KF141R-4P)
  • Push-lock spring connection (quick release lever)
  • Pluggable spring cage connection
  • Tool
  • tti-nz-series-slanted-wire-insert
  • WAGO 2059, WAGO 2060

WAGO push connector 2059 surface mount WAGO 2060 wire push in spring cage connector

reference from Phoenix Contact

5) Tool-less or tool free lever release wire terminal connector, Lever-Actuated Terminal Blocks

  • PLH 16 Power PCB Terminal Block with Lever

  • LPT 16/ 5-15,0-ZB

  • LPT(A) 2.5 Lever Push-In Terminal Blocks

  • SR99, SM99 Tool-free single pole terminal connector (7 color to choose from), low cost.

PCB Connector (header and housing/receptacle pins)

2.54mm header housing male female pins connection

2.54mm housing PCB mount (2 ways)

2.54mm housing PCB mount pins2.54mm header pins

Single row female socket header housing (2.54mm spacing connector)

Single row male socket header housing (2.54mm spacing connector)

Single row female socket header pins (2.54mm spacing connector, straight PCB mount)

Single row male socket header pins (2.54mm spacing connector, straight PCB mount)

Double row female socket header pins (2.54mm spacing connector, straight PCB mount)

  • female header 2×5, 2×13, 2×20

Double row male socket header pins (2.54mm spacing connector, straight PCB mount)

  • male header 2×5, 2×13, 2×20

Doublesided turn-pins connector
double sided turn-pins connectors


Standard 2.54mm header pin dimension

Standard 2.54mm housing pin dimension


IDC Socket & Header Connectors


IDC socket (wire to board connector) 16pos IDC socket connector

IDC header connector (PCB mount), 20posIDC header connector

IDC header connector with side locking latchIDC header connectorwith side locking latch

IDC connector with ribbon cableIDC connector with ribbon cables


Flat Flexible Cable (FFC)

***Note: Choose EVEN number of pins (is easier to buy stocks)

Choice of wires/pins pitch 0.5mm, 1mm, 0.625mm, 0.8mm, 1.25mm

FFC cable fine pitch 0.5mm, 1mm     FFC connector socket
Choice of FFC cable “SAME side” or “Opposite side” or “Solderable ends” (FFC cable jumpers)

FFC cable Same Side

FFC cable "Opposite Side" Opposite Side

Solderable FFC cable jumpersSoldable end FFC cable

FFC cable with connector and solderable end FFC cable with solderable end and a connector end


JST/Molex Connectors, Header & Housing

small pitch SMD connector receptacle     mini connector cable assembly drawing

For low profile PCB boards (signal or small power)

For Industrial Sensor

*** space saving connector suitable for smaller size board (AWG #32 to #26)

For Small Motor

*** suitable for typical PCB board use (AWG #24, or 7/0.2mm)

For General Purpose (payment industry)

  • XH Connector (2.5mm pitch), 3A 250V, (UL94-0)
    Found to be used on Coin Acceptor (model: HS-636)

For Power

For Vending Payment Industry (Coin/Notes Acceptor, Receipt Printer, POS, Self-Service Kiosk)

pcb mount connector for coin note acceptormolex male connector for coin note acceptormolex male connector for coin or note acceptor

DC Barrel Power Plug & Socket

DC barrel socket (PCB mount, OD-5.5mm ID-2.1mm)DC barrel plug (OD-5.5mm, ID-2.1mm)

For DC barrel socket, buy 2.1mm pin size to be safer. Most adaptor plug can handle 2.1mm as well as 2.5mm pin size.
For DC barrel plug, buy 2.5mm hole size to be safer. Most socket can accept both 2.1mm as well as 2.5mm hole size.

230Vac Power Plug, Connectors

PCB Power Connector

Power Barrier PCB mount connector (*)

Barrier mount terminal 9.5mm pitch for high current powerBarrier moun terminal 9.5mm pitch dimension drawing

Snap-in Screw Terminal (PCB mount) (*)

Screw terminal tab PCB mount   Screw terminal tab for PCB mounted - wire to board.
– M3 PCB Terminal
– PCB Screw Terminal
– PC Mount Screw Terminals (surface mount) (贴片 焊接端子)
– M3 PCB snap-in screw terminal vert smdsurface mount Screw terminal snap-in surface mount smd

PCB Terminal Tab Stub (Surface mount) (*)

Surface PCB Terminal Tab Stub common tub width is 6.35mm.

Card Edge Connector

Card Edge connector for finger contact pins at the edge of PCB board.

Example of card edge connector is PCI connector, 16-bits ISA connector, 8-bits ISA connector.

PCI connector (160pins, card edge connector for PCB board finger contact connection)PCI connector pins (PCB mount card edge connectors)

Card Edge connector for finger PCB board


PCB Spring Contact Pins

spring loaded connector pins Spring loaded test pin connectorsSMT spring loaded test pins connector

POGO Spring Loaded Test Pins

PCB spring loaded pogo pins POGO spring loaded test pins connector

POGO spring loaded test pins application

POGO Test Pin HeadsPOGO Test Pin Head 2

Crimp Terminal & Ferrules

Audio Connectors

Audio Plug 3.5mm 2 poles for microphone

quick spring release connector for audio speaker wiresQuick Spring Release Connector for Audio Speaker Wires

RCA connectors.

Casing Enclosure Connectors

  • Panel mount connectors
  • Chassis mount connectors

RF Connectors

  • SMA
  • U.FL

D-Sub Connector

D-Sub socket male 9 pinsPin 1 – Pin 5, Pin 6 – Pin 9

D-Sub socket female 9 pinsPin 5 – Pin 1, Pin 9 – Pin 6

  • male, female
  • 2 rows, 3 rows
  • DB9, DB15, DB25 pins

Computer Data Connector

RJ45 Connector

  • RJ45, RJ11
  • 8P8C, 6P6C, 6P4C

RJ45 socket for Ethernet cable Ethernet connector plug 8P8CPin 1 – Pin 8

RJ11 socket 6P6CRJ11 6P6C plugPin 1 – Pin 6

USB Connector

  • Type A, Type B
  • USB mini, USB micro
  • Vertical, Horizontal

Other Connectors

Power AC Wall Plug for 230Vac / 110Vac (UK, US, EU, AU version)

UK – Singapore, United Kingdom

US – United States, China

EU – Singapore, United Kingdom

AU – Australia

IEC cable standard

  • C13 (female plug)
  • C14 (male plug)
  • C15 (female plug with a notch)

Custom Wire Assembly Service

Contact PIC-CONTROL for custom wire connector assembly service.