Microchip Microcontroller Selection

Microchip Microcontroller Series

Microchip microcontroller currently consist of the following series,

For simple application, 8 bit MCU is usually selected for its small footprint (size) and lower cost.

For a more complex application, 16 bit MCU is usually selected for its processing speed and the additional peripheral supported by the microcontroller series.

32 bit MCU microcontroller is usually not selected. If the application requires such a high end microcontroller, it is recommended to develop your application using a more commonly available platform like the Raspberry-Pi, beaglebone board or similar which support linux or standard operating system software.

Microchip Microcontroller Selection

Check out the follow microcontroller selection tools online.

-> Microchip Microcontroller Parametric Search Tool

-> Microchip Advanced Parts Selector (MAPS)


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