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Card Reader for CEPAS Ezlink FlashPay CAN Number

Check out this Card Reader for reading out the CAN number of the Singapore CEPAS cards, Ezlink or FlashPay.

This card reader reads out the CAN number. A CAN number is a unique number which can identify the card holder.

If you are looking you are looking for a card payment terminal for your automated cashier , [you can click here and check out this page].

CEPAS CAN Number Card Reader

CEPAS CAN Number Card Reader


  • USB type B mini socket connection (Custom communication option for RS232, RS485 or Ethernet)
  • Instant read out of the CAN number (ascii text) of the card.
  • Buzzer feedback
  • Read light indicator
  • Can act as a HID keyboard for spreadsheet or text file data entry (like a barcode scanner)
  • User mode switch to select the operation mode
  • Can be custom program to read any type of 13.56MHz HF RFID cards.


This card reader can be custom programmed by our engineer to read many other common type of 13.56MHz RFID cards/tags. Some of the cards/tags are as follows,

  • Mifare Ultralight (U1X), Ultralight C (U2X)
  • Mifare Classic Mini (S20), Classic (S50), Classic (S70)
  • Mifare Plus S (SPLUS 60), Plus S (SPLUS 80)
  • Mifare Plus X (PLUS 60), Plus X (PLUS 80)
  • Mifare DESFire EV1
  • Sony Felica, Felica Lite
  • NFC tags, NFC phone/device
  • Emulate mode to emulate RFID tags
  • ISO/IEC14443-3 Type A, ISO/IEC14443-4 Type A
  • ISO/IEC14443-3 Type B, ISO/IEC14443-4 Type B
  • NFC IP-1 mode

Ezlink Card (CEPAS CAN number)

Ezlink CEPAS Card     Ezlink CEPAS Card CAN Number

FlashPay Card (CEPAS CAN number)

FlashPay CEPAS Card     Flashpay CEPAS Card CAN Number

CAN Number Allocation for CEPAS Cards in Singapore

A CAN number is unique allows you to identify the card holder group category in Singapore. This helps to identify if the card is a normal transportation payment card or a concession card. Information is obtained from Transit Link Pte Ltd.

  • 1000 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Adult CEPAS card)
  • 1009 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Adult Co Brand)
  • 1111 xxxx xxxx xxxx (NETS Flashpay)
  • 8000 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Concession cards: Child, Pri, Sec, Ter, NS, Senior Citizen)
  • 8009 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Concession cards: Child, Pri, Sec, Ter, NS, Senior Citizen)
  • 8008 xxxx xxxx xxxx (Concession cards: Child, Pri, Sec, Ter, NS, Senior Citizen)

Transportation Card Around The World

More transportation card around the world for your card reader customisation.

  • Ezlink, FlashPay Card (Singapore)
  • Octopus Card (Hong Kong)
  • Touch ‘n Go (Malaysia)
  • Edy, nanaco, taspo, Waon (Japan)
  • Flazz (Indonesia)
  • Metro Card (United States)
  • Myki, Opal Card (Melbourne, Sydney)
  • Paypass, Paywave, Farepay

For the cards that you want to custom the read, you can send in 3 or more card samples. Please write down the data or text that is contained in the card that you want to read.

Custom RFID reader

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