Electronic Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping for Electronic

Electronic circuit prototyping

PIC-CONTROL provides rapid prototyping services for electronic product development in Singapore. Our strength in microcontroller interface design and programming allows us to develop a wide range of electronic products for our customers.

electronic circuit and casing enclosure prototypingelectronic circuit project prototype

PIC-CONTROL helped our customers developed a custom smart controller, sensors and PCB prototype in Singapore.

We have the resources and experience to develop the electronic prototype to realise your business concept.

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Electronic Circuit Design Prototyping

We also provide low volume PCB production for your prototyping testing, and proof of concept.

Electronic power control prototype for LED.

Ethernet communication control electronic prototype

Ethernet communication prototype for controlling electronic devices.

network controller for electronic prototype

Network control for electronic prototyping. Production and testing tool.

Simple Electronic Prototyping

For simple electronic projects, a prototyping board can be used to develop your project faster. For some projects, we can also make use of our in-house developed semi-prototyping board to rapidly developed a solution for your immediate testing.

We also have ready made electronic product to provide your team have a quick understanding how the prototyping process and product will be for you.

Vehicle loop sensor and barrier control circuit board prototype

Circuit board prototype for vehicle loop sensor and vehicle barrier control.

RS232 electronic device control for prototypes

RS232 electronic device control for prototypes.

Electronic Product Prototyping

Prototyping for a complete product solution.

Prototype for monitoring alarm alert from equipment, with a mute switch for temporary slienting the alarm

Prototype for monitoring alarm alert equipment. Alarm can be temporary be mute by the technician while they proceed to resolve the cause of the alarm.

DTMF decoder prototype for analog telephone land line.

This DTMF decoder decodes the tone from a telephone. Connect to the analog telephone land line for decoding.

RFID prototype for hotel card key

RFID prototype for hotel card key. For security authentication, hotel room personalisation and power saving.

prototype for RFID automated window control

prototype for RFID automated window control.

PCB Prototype Enclosure Design and Fabrication

Casing is an important part of a product development for enclosing the designed electronic circuit. Depending on your prototype casing requirement, we provide a number of options for your rapid prototyping.

electronic circuit and casing enclosure prototypingelectronic circuit project prototypecircuit assembly and cable assembly for prototype

Aluminium profile casing for electronic circuit prototypeCustom casing labelling design for electronic prototypeCustom PCB design and casing design for prototypes

Choice of casing enclosure for your prototype project.

Electronic Schematic & PCB Design for Prototype

PIC-CONTROL focus primary on electronic design and development. We provide electronic design, schematic capture and also PCB design services.

Schematic capture for electronic prototype design

PCB design and layout for electronic prototype

PCB design and layout for electronic prototype.

Schematic drawing prototype design

Schematic drawing, prototype design.

PCB Prototype Board Fabrication

We also provide low volume PCB prototype fabrication for your own prototyping use.

PCB board fabrication for prototypes

PCB board fabrication for electronic circuit design prototypes.

PCB fabrication for prototyping

PCB fabrication for prototyping.

Prototyping for Research & Development (R&D)

Highly focus LED lighting panel

Prototype design for a highly focus LED lighting panel for industrial application.

prototype equipment for real time measurement for the internet cloud.

Equipment set for real time weight measurement. Real-time data streaming to the cloud (IoT measurement sensors) for sensor data logging. Xbee wireless and Ethernet internet data streaming logging.

PCB Prototyping for Precision Application

Prototype for precision machine measurement

Prototype for precision machine measurement.

Comprehensive Rapid Prototyping Services

Check out more other electronic engineering services available from PIC-CONTROL.

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