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Hardware Integration Between Various System

Looking for system integrator? In the business of system integration, we understand your needs to have someone who is capable of connecting across multiple disciplines engineering. Software which is able to communicate to another software seamlessly. Application able to control any forms of electronics and mechanical hardware without you having to face the frustration of incompatibility, preventing you from achieving the ultimate result that you have been yearning for.

Common Integration Frustration

You are probably building a brilliant system, assembling your jigsaw puzzle to get things into place. In that moment, you realise that many systems out there are proprietary in nature. Software A cannot talk to software B because their protocol is different or it is written in a different programming language. System C cannot communicate with the latest electronics gadget in town. Controller D has input/output which requires a different voltage in order to operate or link up.

Frustration Integrating System

The world is full of goodies but in a world of their own. You may be working with vendors each specialising in their own trade, unwilling or having a lack of knowledge to help you unify your ultimate system that you have envision. Now what a headache it is.


Your Interface to Unified All Other Systems

In PIC-CONTROL, we work at a very low level which allows us to see the root of any problems. We know our fundamental very well. Just like a Lego system, building the system up brick by brick. We are determined to examine your system to its finest details, providing you with value and creative solution possibilities. Any problems encountered within your system, we are able to nail them down in a systematic manner. PIC-CONTROL is your missing puzzle to link your system together in harmony.

Interface to Integrate various System Together

We free you from being locked into an older proprietary system. No matter how proprietary a system is, there will be a way to integrate it into your system. Even without documentation we have our ways to hack it, reverse engineer it, digging out all the details. We know our stuff inside out. It is only a matter of time, cost and quality. We focus on your priority to deliver a solution which works best for you.

We are your engineer specialist, committed to delivering solutions, to make the impact that you want on your system.

Integrate Solution to make System Works

PIC-CONTROL is the missing link that you need to bring your system together.

Our expertise sales engineer is technically skilled and experienced in electronics and engineering.

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