Lease Electronic Hardware & Design | Rental Business Model

Leasing of electronic design and hardware is a form of renting the devices/equipment instead of owning them.

Instead of investing in the project electronic hardware design and owning the hardware, you can consider a leasing business model. You will be able to predict your monthly expense as well as having the technical support to maintain the electronic hardware deployed.

Suitable for,

  • Project operating in a lease or rental modal.
  • Businesses who want a guaranteed cost cap (limit).
  • Businesses who do not have their own technical team/staffs.
  • Long-term deployment on site.

How does it work?

You have a project that needs a new electronic hardware installation. The development, production and maintenance cost can be extremely difficult to determine.

Approach PIC-CONTROL with your project proposal. We can propose you with a leasing model. You can then lease and pay as you use. You manage the project, while we take care of the technical implementation.


  • Predictable expense. (Yearly billing in January)
  • Lower initial investment, or pay nothing upfront.
  • Warranty and technical support during the lease period.
  • Less risk when deploying a new design project (design or idea that is not yet tested).
  • Continuous design and hardware update and improvement.
  • No replacement cost of damage electronic hardware.
  • Design and production will be taken care of.


  • Do not own the design rights of the electronic hardware.
  • Design and production lead time may be slightly longer.
  • Cost is slightly more compare to paying outright to own the electronic hardware over a longer term.
  • Do not have full control over how the hardware is to be deployed.

Project Eligible for Leasing

The criteria in accepting your project for leasing is subjected to a review and approval from PIC-CONTROL.

Due to a possible complication, project application has to be fully disclosed. PIC-CONTROL can only undertake a lease rental model with sufficient information.

The following is some guideline for accepting a project for leasing,

  • Project detail needs to be presented for an assessment.
  • Practical technical implementation.
  • The trend of your project application is fairly predictable.
  • Common application.
  • Design can easily be reused.
  • Potential of deploying more and growing trend.
  • The client must have a good credit record.
  • Is not NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in nature.
  • Close collaboration.

Please note that a detailed understanding of your project is required. Meeting without prior assessment of project information is subjected to consultation charges. Please email us your project detail first.

Contact PIC-CONTROL for further information.