Electronic Repair Service

Electronic Repair Service

Electronic repair service is part of what PIC-CONTROL provides for our customers. We support customer’s product line, repair and make improvement to the electronic.

For electronic circuit board with obsolete electronic IC chips/components, we can help to advise for alternative components or solutions, to ensure continuity of your business operation.

PCB board repair

PIC-CONTROL also repaired or restore obsolete equipment, motor and electronic, helping our customers to extend the lifespan of their expensive equipment and machinery.

Repairing an obsolete circuit board is usually your last option as a solution to the problem. It is always better to return to the original product manufacturer for repair or servicing. The manufacturer has a better understanding of their own product. The repair cost will usually be much lower and the speed of repair is usually faster because of the lesser engineering effort.

You should also consider other alternative solution that is going to be sustainable for your future operation. Repairing PCB is often not a good solution, and should only be your last resort. Other solutions can be developing a compatible solution or copying the electronic product.


Send in Your Repair Enquiry

Send us your enquiry. Tell us more about the problem that you are currently facing by providing us with some photos of your faulty electronic.

  • Description of the user application of the faulty electronic. (Most Important !!!)
  • Problem encountered with the electronics.
  • Photos of the whole system and electronic circuit board.

We can do an initial assessment quickly and recommend you with further advice for your repair work or alternative solution. You can send to our email sales@pic-control.com

The cost of repair can start from $500 onward (excluding GST), can cost more depending on the complexity and severity of the repair work. Please note that there will be a chargeable amount of $107 for a quotation assessment or $64.20 for the first meeting consultation.

Please note that we can only provide electronic repair service for registered businesses.


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Looking For Household Electronic Repair?

PIC-CONTROL provide repair services to the local businesses across various industries. We do not do repair work for common household items. If you are looking for household consumer electronic product repair in Singapore, you can check out the following repair specialist,


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