Embedded System Design

PIC-CONTROL provides embedded electronic design for our customers in Singapore.

Embedded system design has been evolving over the years. Most electronic devices contain embedded system or controller to operate the electronic and interface with the product user.

Over the years there are more and more off-the-shelves embedded board controller are easily available on the market. Beaglebone, RaspBerry Pi, etc… just to name a few. The mass production of these off-the-shelve embedded products has helped lower the cost of owning an embedded board. Development time is also faster with many other developers working on the same standard board. These provide a very good platform for prototyping development work.

For custom embedded system design, you may have other consideration that those commercially available embedded solutions are not providing you with.

  • Restriction in board size to fit into tight space.
  • Protection of your electronic design, Intellectual Property.
  • Optimise the bill of materials, to reduce the cost for high volume production.

If you are looking for an optimise embedded solution for your electronic product, feel free to contact PIC-CONTROL for further information. Also, check out our custom electronic design service.

We also provide the following embedded programming service,


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