PCB Fabrication Service

PIC-CONTROL provides printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication service as a value-added service on top of our core electronic engineering design.

You can send in your Gerber files for a quotation,
or instant ordering from our special price offer for your PCB prototypes.

You can also check out our electronic design service if you are looking for a professional PCB prototype design.

Quick Ordering for PCB Prototype Fabrication Service

We are offering a standard pricing, especially for simple PCB prototypes.

Choose from the 3x size options, one that fits your PCB size and PCB specification.

You can place your order directly. We will contact you for your gerber files.

PCB size ruler guidePCB board size limit (max) Standard Price for a quantity of 5 pcs Examples
50mm x 50mm $75 +GST
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PCB fabrication size less than 50x50mm

40 x 50mm

100mm x 50mm $85 +GST
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PCB fabrication size less than 50x100mm   PCB fabrication size less than 50x100mm

50 x 56mm, 42 x 56mm

100mm x 100mm $95 +GST
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PCB fabrication size less than 100x100mm   PCB fabrication size less than 100x100mm   PCB fabrication size less than 100x100mm

77 x 80mm, 80 x 80mm, 52 x 85mm

Please take note the following:

PCB specification: FR-4 (material), 1.6mm (thickness),
2 Layer (top & bottom), 1 oz (copper thickness),
Green (mask layer color), White (silkscreen color),
HASL (finishing)
Leadtime: 3 weeks
Payment terms: Advance Payment (Paypal or Bank Transfer)
Tax: Price display is exclusive of GST Tax charges.
This promotion is only available to customers in Singapore.

NOTE!!! Please take note to review your submitted Gerber files with a third party Gerber viewer software. This is to ensure that your submit file is correctly generated from your PCB software. We will fabricate your board according to your Gerber files and will not be able to tell if it contains a design error.

Please also ensure that the Gerber files that you have submitted are the correct final design. Any change of the PCB design is subjected to additional charges.

You can download free Gerber viewer software from the link provided below.

PCB Boards HS Code <853400>, Singapore (Harmonized System Code), Approximated PCB weight about 0.004g/mm², PCB rate 0.0010+0.0035/mm2 + 75.

Minimum specification:

  • slot hole 0.8mm
  • via hole ø0.3mm (12mil)
  • pad ø0.6mm
  • max drill size ø6.3mm
  • trace width 0.15mm(6mil)
  • gap clearance 0.15mm(6mil)
  • silkscreen line 0.15mmm, char height 0.8mm
  • distance between inner copper and drilled hole 0.3mm
  • distance between holes (10mil)
  • minimum board size for machine assembly is 60x60mm

Ordering for your PCB Fabrication Service

The minimum information that we need for a quotation to you is the size of your board and the number of board layers; other special board requirement, if any.

You can submit your PCB design to us if you have your Gerber production files ready.

We will review your Gerber files before the acceptance for a production.

If you do not have any PCB production files (Gerber files), please check out our PCB Design Service. Additional engineering charges will apply.

pcb board fabrication service in Singapore

Other PCB Fabrication Specification

For other custom PCB specification or other choices of PCB fabrication board size, please email your Gerber files to our sales engineer for a quotation.

You can check the other PCB specification here.

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