Electronic Enclosure Design

Are you looking for customised an enclosure for your designed circuit board (PCB)? A custom enclosure design service is what you are looking for.

Enclosure Design   mechanical design drawing   enclosure design explosion view

Custom Enclosure Design for Electronic

Customise design for a casing to house your electronic or system.

  • Design custom enclosure for electronics circuit board
  • Low volume production
  • Factory Automation Control, Productivity Design and Construction
  • Interior and Construction Site drawing
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • System Integration Solution

Your PCB design can have a significant and permanent impact on the mechanical enclosure design cost as well as the production cost. It is always better to design the PCB board together with the mechanical enclosure so that any production issues can be corrected during this design phase. If the PCB design is already fixed, then the mechanical design and solution will be limiting.

If you have not started your PCB design, you may like to consider customising your electronic circuit board to fit a standard enclosure. This is the most cost-effective solution if you are casual on the design for your enclosure. For customisation of the electronic circuit board for a standard enclosure, check out our standard partial customisation design solution.

Or check out the range of standard enclosure casing, if you are looking for an enclosure that you can easily buy off-the-shelf or from any online stores.

Mechanical Drawing and 3D Rendering

Enclosure Design3D Mechanical Drawing (with texture rendering)

enclosure design explosion viewMetal Sheet Bending (explosion view)

mechanical design drawingMechanical drawing for manufacturing

mechanical design illustrationMechanical drawing for illustration

Custom Enclosure for Electronic Circuit Board

Wireless Sensor Enclosure

Electronics Sensing equipment and accessories


Power Coated Metal Casing Enclosure

Powder coated metal casing enclosur for payment kioskcustom casing for cashless payment terminal

enclosure for electronic Ethernet controlled solenoidcasing for power supply electronics

Custom Stainless Steel Enclosure for System

Stainless steel casing design and fabrication for electronic system


Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Grade

  • 304 (Common available)
  • 316 (Chemical resist)

Other Custom Enclosure Supplier

Custom Front Panel Supplier

Standard Enclosure for Electronic

Looking for a standard off-the-shelf enclosure for your electronic circuit board?
Check out this page for standard electronic enclosure box.

Also check out our standard enclosure service, for circuit board PCB customisation and custom modification from a standard enclosure.


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