Alarm Monitoring Panel Interface Board

RM20 Diodes PCB Circuit Board

RM20 Alarm Monitoring PCB Circuit Board

The RM20 is an alarming monitoring interface board in an electrical panel for remote monitoring of any fault status. Any fault detected will light up the indicator on the electrical panel.

An alarm can be trigger from this diode board when a fault occurred and is detected. The monitoring personnel can then be notified to resolved the detected fault.

This alarm monitoring board is designed to be compact with neat labeling on the board. There are jumpers for each connection which allows you to configure for the alarm activation. There is also a test connection which allows you to test and check if all the fault indicator is in good working condition.

Panel Alarm Monitoring interface board     Alarming Monitoring Interface Panel Board

RM20 Alarm Monitoring Interface Board

The alarm board is design using diodes which allow power to flow to the panel indicator on the monitoring electrical box. This diode board design helps to reduce the possible massive wiring work for the electrical box installation saving precious time and manpower costing. All diodes are surface which are located on the bottom of the board.

Alarm Monitoring Interface to Light Indicator using diodes

Alarm Monitoring PCB circuit board dimension drawing

The alarm monitoring board has a size of about 131 x 30mm.

This board is design to be stacked in a staggered top-bottom configuration so that it is easier for any technician to wire up the board. It is also designed so that this board can be mounted to a DIN rail using a standard DIN rail mounting bracket kit.

alarm monitoring circuit board drawing

Alarm Monitoring Interface Board (from Hong Lam)

RM20 Alarm Monitoring from Hong Lam Engineering

Alarm Monitoring Board from Hong Lam Engineering Pte. Ltd.

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Observatory Dome Automation Control System

Dome Automation Control for Astronomy

automated electronic controlled dome slit telescope

Astronomy Automated Control for
Observatory Dome


Customised integrated dome control system with the astronomy software “TheSkyX Pro” from SOFTWARE BISQUE and “Boltwood Cloud Sensor 2” from Diffraction Limited.

automated electronic controlled dome slit telescope

Paramount ME Mount II (Equatorial Mount) for the telescope, inside an Observatory Dome Motorised 3.0m Steel Astronomical Dome.

integration for dome control software

The Paramount ME Mount II is big and filled with many advanced features for astronomy observation.The multiple axis equatorial mount poses a problem when deployed in a small and tight observatory dome. The mounted telescope and its allowed movement are as big as the dome’s space available. The default dome azimuth generated from the SkyXPro software is not aligned with the telescope view.Software Re-mapping of Dome slit opening position to cater for any form of automated telescope system which the scope vision is offset from the centre of the small dome.

Dome Azimuth Mapping File to align the dome slit to the correct direction.

Screen capture of the dome’s azimuth mapping file. This mapping file ensures that the dome slit opening is always following the telescope mounted on the Paramount ME Mount II.

electronic dome automation system integration

Testing and commissioning the dome control system.

Java Program to Automate Observatory Dome Control

Java running at the back end controlling the hardware of the dome automation system.

automation electronic for the controlling the integrated dome slit

Junction box for Automated Dome Controller. The controller uses solid state controller (no mechanical wear and tear, no mechanical noise), long operating lifespan.

Weather Sensor for Observatory Dome Automation ControlWeather Sensor Status Report

Boltwood Cloud Sensor 2 weather and rain sensor to ensure that the telescope is protected from the bad weather.

SkyXPro Software Telescope Control Interface

SkyXPro Telescope and Dome control software interface.

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