Din Rail Mounting Bracket Clip (DIN Rail Clip)

DIN Rail Mounting Bracket (DIN Rail Clip)

These are DIN rail mounting bracket which can be secured to your existing box casing making it a DIN rail mountable.

You no longer need to design or get a DIN rail enclosure. With these DIN rail mounting brackets, any casing can become DIN rail mountable.

You can also design PCB board to use these clip as a PCB board holder without any casing.

DIN Clip 1427 (Hammond Manufacturing)

Din Rail Clip

Din Rail Clip Dimension

Din Rail Clip Application

Din Rail Dimension

Din Rail from MiSUMi

DIN Clip 1427 42m 75m 100m (Hammond Manufacturing)

DIN rail bracket for enclosure     DIN rail bracket for enclosure

DIN rail mounting bracket

DIN Rail Bracket Clip Dimension

DIN rail mounting clip (with self tapping screws)

Din Rail Bracket Clip Dimension (Phoenix Contact)

DIN Rail Clip (DN-CLIP-FM5)


from AutomationDirect

DIN Rail Clip (#LXC-DR)

DIN Rail Clip LXC-DR

from BlackBox

Various Names

  • DIN Rail Bracket
  • DIN Rail PCB Holder
  • DIN Rail Clip

DIN Rail Clip (TSH 35-2)

BOPLA Din Rail bracket for casingBOPLA TSH 35-2 Din Rail bracket

from BOPLA

Various type of DIN Rail Mounting Bracket or Clip