Reduce Electrical Wiring for DB Box

Electrical wiring may seem to be a simple job, the scale of the work is typically massive. The wiring job for a home or an office can take days to complete. Any slight wiring improvement can often help save a lot of time and cost.

No More Messy Cables Wiring !!!
Electrical wiring in a mess.

Print your wiring onto a PCB (Print Circuit Board) to

  • reduce Size and Weight.
  • reduce Assembly and the number of Connection.
  • reduce the Wires materials, components.
  • easier to handle.
  • reduce Production Time.
  • reduce Man-hours manpower.
  • reduce your Production Cost.

Distribution Box (Electrical DB Box)

Connecting a wire termination in the DB box may take less than a minute of work. When connecting thousands of wire termination, the work can take days to complete. Reduce and simplify wiring work can significantly improve your efficiency and man-hour cost.

Wiring in the DB box forms the connections between termination to achieve a function. If your wiring function is consistent and repetitive, you may like to consider fabricating a PCB board to reduce the massive connection work. Not only can it save you time in your man-hour, but your wiring will also be neater, saving your significant cost in the long run.

Wiring board for electrical wiring connection (front).Wiring board for electrical wiring connection (back).

Reduce electrical wiring connection in a DB box using PCB board.

PCB board reduce wiring for electrical box     Elco wiring board example.

A simple board from Elco to help reduce distribution box wiring connection.

Reduce Wiring Cost

A significant of the project cost can be due to the massive amount of wiring laid across a distance of 100m or more. If your cable is only used for signalling, and not for the purpose of delivering power, there is a chance that your cable can be further reduced, saving you on the cabling cost.

PCB drawing for simplify electrical wiring connection.     PCB wiring drawing for electrical panel

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