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Yacht Repair in Singapore (Sentosa Cove)

Having a problem with your yacht electrical and electronic system on board?

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Yacht and sea boat being exposed to corrosive sea air environment occasionally has an electrical problem. Troubleshooting and repair work can be a slow and tedious job on board the boat with tight space constraint.

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Common Yacht Electrical Problem

Due to the corrosive nature of the sea environment. Protect maintenance against corrosion to the metallic electronic device and copper wiring can help improve the lifespan of your yacht. Problems encountered are mostly related to corroded wires and faulty power supply.

Some of the common electrical problems on board a yacht are,

  • Corroded wiring
  • Battery replacement and maintenance
  • Loss of cabin lighting
  • Control panel switch corroded.
  • Faulty docking light, hull light, navigation light, anchor light, cockpit lights
  • Anchor motor up/down control
  • Thru-hull exhaust problem
  • On-board sensor fails
  • Breakdown water pump, bilge pump, bilge blower
  • No Sound from boat horn

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