Electronic Equipment Repair

Electronic Equipment Repair WorkPIC-CONTROL has helped customers to restore high-value obsolete equipment, allowing it to continue operating for another lifetime. The electronic can be improved using components and parts available in this current time. A software can be re-written to be compatible with today’s computer and operating system.

MACCE gauge block comparator machine repair
Restored Automated Gauge Block Comparator Machine manufactured in the 1980s.


Things get obsolete for a reason. A good and simple design like chopstick, spoon, fork, rubber tire, etc… last almost forever. It is important to understand the cause of obsolete. Obsolete is not necessary a bad thing. It may simply mean there is a better, cheaper, safer, faster method of achieving the same or better result.

Technology trend and method of implementation play a significant role in the obsolete of your equipment. It is important to follow the technology trend solution so that your equipment will stand up to last for the next few decades.

  • Parts availability
  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Efficiency of the machine
  • Less reliance on experience technicians

With the wide spread of parts base on the current trend, you can be sure that parts you need will be easily available, hence cost will be lower to acquire them.

Our engineers has also helped customers investigated product issues, discovery the source of the problem in the electronic and made improvement to their product.

Lotus Lamp Lighting

Recovered a design flaw found in the original electronic lighting product

Evaluating the cause of the electronic failure.

LED lotus lamp repair

We are a specialist in electronic repair.


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