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Singapore is one of the busiest marine shipping port in the world. Marine electronic engineering is one of the most important off-shore engineering service supporting the maritime industry in Singapore. PIC-CONTROL is also supporting our local off-shore engineering in the area of marine electronic.

Ship Dock at Singapore For Electronic Maintenance

Marine electronic is a specialised field of its own, which focus on electronic design and production suitable for operating onboard a ship in the harsh sea environment. Sea environment, the sea water and the sea air contain salts which accelerate the corrosion of the electronic onboard the ship. The selection of electronic components for marine electronic is usually selected to be robust against corrosion, water resistant or waterproof.

PIC-CONTROL provides our customers with marine electronic services and solution.

  • repairing and troubleshooting of faulty marine electronic equipment
  • replacement for obsolete marine electronic component
  • interfacing to a marine electronic system
  • clone marine electronic circuit board
  • control electronic solution for ship


Electronic Toggle Switch and LED

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Faulty Marine Electronic Equipment or Instrument

The marine electronic equipment or instrument on board the ship is typically designed to be robust and long lasting. Most of the equipment can last for a very long time even under harsh corrosive sea water environment. Electronic will eventually fail one day.

Marine Electronic Equipment

Leverage from our experience in electronic to help you overcome your problem on your faulty marine electronic equipment or instrument.

Obsolete Marine Electronic Component

The selection of marine electronic component requires more attention compare to normal electronics. PCB design and material has to be selected to ensure that the electronic can be robust against the harsh sea environment.

The marine electronic may have survived for decades and lasted till today. If the board fails due to an obsolete component, you may have no choice but to replace the entire system. This can be a costly replacement.

Obsolete Electronic Control Panel

We can help to examine the problem and propose possible solutions to get your marine electronic equipment its life back once again.

Interfacing to Marine Electronic System

There may be numerous marine system on board your ship that you need to connect or interface to work together seamlessly. The standard between the different marine system can be unique and difficult to interface.

Marine Electronic System Interface

We can provide the custom electronic interface to ensure that your system can connect seamlessly to one another. Custom electronic or converter adapter circuit can be designed to make sure your marine equipment get to connect properly on your ship.

Clone Marine Electronic Circuit Board

Marine electronic circuit board product may no longer available or supported in the marketplace. The marine electronic product line may be phase out over time by the newer electronic marine products.

Clone electronic Circuit Board

We can help to evaluate your electronic circuit or reverse engineering the board so that your electronic board can be cloned in low volume for your use onboard the ship.

Control Electronic Solution for Ship

marine ship bridge control room system

We also provide modern marine electronic control solution for your ship. Implementing smart and innovative control for your modern shipping needs.

Customise your modern marine electronics with PIC-CONTROL.

Repaired Ship Sailing out on Sea


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