SOT23 Marking Code

SOT23 is commonly known for a 3 pins SMD package and is also known as SOT23-3. There is also 5 pins package (SOT23-5), and 6 pins package (SOT23-6). The SOT package is small and normally the full part number cannot be printed on the chip itself. Normally the part number is represented by a marking code printed on top of the SOT23 package.

The follows presents some of the SOT23 components marking code, which is useful for reverse engineering use.

Warning Note: Please ensure the context of the component used in the electronic design is correct. It is possible to misinterpret the part with same marking code. This marking code reference guide is meant for your convenient. Always check the datasheet to confirm if your marking code matches the part number.

SOT23-3 Marking Code

Marking Code Package Part Number Description
6B, 6B, 6C, 6D SOT23-3 BC817 npn
J3Y SOT23-3 M8050 npn
1D*, 1A*, 1B*, (1BW) SOT23-3 BC846, BC846A, BC846B npn
1H*, 1E*, 1F*, 1G* SOT23-3 BC847, BC847A, BC847B, BC847C npn
1K* SOT23-3 BC848B npn
1GM, 1H SOT23-3 MMBTA06L, MMBTA05L npn
J3 SOT23-3 S9013 npn
2TY SOT23-3 S8550 pnp
3BW SOT23-3 BC856B pnp
3D SOT23-3 MMBTH81 pnp, RF transistor
 3G  SOT23-3  BC857C pnp
704 SOT23-3 2N7002K-D n-ch
S07 SOT23-3 STS2307 p-ch
N76 SOT23-3 DDTD142JU diode
K7D SOT23-3 BAS70-04 diode (dual)
A1 SOT23-3 BAW56 diode (dual)
A4 SOT23-3 BAV70
or MIC803 – 31D3V
diode (dual)
or microcontroller supervisor circuit
A7 SOT23-3 BAV99 diode (dual)
B6 SOT23-3 BAT54A
dual diode
L05 SOT23-3 78L05
or ZLLS500
5V voltage regulator
or Schottky barrier diode
65Z5 SOT23-3 LM6206N3 voltage regulator
6003 SOT23-3 MAX6003 (not sure) voltage reference
65Z5 SOT23-3 LM6206N3 3v3 regulator
WV4 57 SOT23-3  BAT54S schottky barrier diodes
ANW 51 SOT23-3 ??? ???
W29 55, W29 41 SOT23-3 ??? ???
431 SOT23-3 TL431 Adjustable precision shunt regulators
M2A SOT23-3 MMBT2222A npn
M7A SOT23-3 MMBT2907A pnp


SOT23-5 Marking Code

Marking Code Package Part Number Description
C20 SOT23-5 LMV7239 comparators
A63A SOT23-5 LM321 op-amp
A64A SOT23-5  LMH6642MF op-amp
313B SOT23-5 MCP6H01 op-amp
SRPB SOT23-5 LM27313 dc-dc
M5 (eg. M5YU) SOT23-5 24AA16, 24LC16B-IOT EEPROM 16K
=VG= SOT23-5 74LVC1G32GW, 74LVC1G32GW-Q100 2 input OR gate
LPFG (maybe the same LPFL) SOT23-5  ???  ???
VP9V  SOT23-5  ???  ???


SOT23-6 Marking Code

Marking Code Package Part Number Description
ASRAE SOT23-6 ZXMN2B03E6 n-ch
ANTAL SOT23-6 ZXM62P03E6 p-ch
JA8K, JA8R SOT23-6 TS5A3159 SPDT Analog Switch
AJxx, AJ6G, AJ03, AJ1M SOT23-6 MCP4725A0T-E/CH digital to analog converter
D771 SOT23-6  DAC7571 12-bit Digital to Analog
5ABK SOT23-6  (maybe) UM1665  DC-DC Boost Converter
58 SOT23-6 SI3458DV n-ch


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