Diode Marking Code

Diode comes with many varieties. The following presents the marking code for common SMD component for 2 pins diode component.

Warning Note: Please ensure the context of the component used in the electronic design is correct. It is possible to misinterpret the part with same marking code. This marking code reference guide is meant for your convenient. Always check the datasheet to confirm if your marking code matches the part number.

Diode Marking Code (Commonly Used SMD Diode Component List)

Marking Code Package Part Number Alternative Part Number Description
M7 SMA-J 1N4007 UF1010 power diode, 1A 1000V
S3M SMC (DO-214AB)     power diode, 3A 1000V
S3X SMC (DO-214AB) BY1800   power diode, 3A 1800V
S3Y SMC (DO-214AB) BY1800   power diode, 3A 2000V
SS14 SOD-123 1N5819 CMPSH1-4 schottky barrier diode, 1A
SS34   1N5822 CMSH3-40MA schottky barrier diode, 3A
A6   BAS316, BAS16    
A7 SOT23-3 BAV99    
A4 SOT23-3 BAV70   A4W (from China)
AC32 or (ES1D)   ES1D    
WE C   SMAJ5.0CA    
MRC   1SMB40CAT3G    
BFR   SMCJ40(C)A    
K1   MMSZ5251   zener diode 22V
V1J   10MQ100NPbF   diode, Schottky Rectifier
514 S1G   S1G (SMA, DO-214AC)   surface mount glass passivated rectifier (Vishay General Semiconductor)
WJ C7   BZT52C15 (SOD123)   15V 5mA zener diode
A51   (Maybe) BZX84   ( Maybe) Voltage regulator diodes
V3J SMC, DO-214AB 30BQ100PbF   Schottky Rectifier, 3A
F48 SS26    SS26   Schottky Barrier Rectifier
P451L    ???   ???
DO-35 1N5264B MMSZ5264B Zener diode
DO-204AL, DO-41 SB140 1N5819 Schottky Barrier Rectifier
GS1M SMA, DO-214AC     Glass Passivated Rectifier
A20 SMB SMBYW02-200   High Efficiency Fast Recovery Rectifier Diodes
E1 SOD-523F 1N4148WT   Small Signal, Fast Switch
E2 SOD-523F 1N4448WT   Small Signal, Fast Switch
E3 SOD-523F 1N914BWT   Small Signal, Fast Switch
E7 SOD323 RBS18V   E7 bi-directional zener diodes
440A 5GGHC
SMC 1.5KE GJM 8A1K2 TVS Diode

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