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Buying Electronic Components Online

Sourcing and purchasing electronic component online is getting more and more popular compared to the other modes of purchase.

Most online shopping portal offer database searching portal, which enables you to do detail searching of the exact electronic component that you are looking for. A picture of the product and its detail specification datasheet is usually available so that you can browse through the details with ease and make the instant decision to purchase.

For low quantity purchase of electronic parts for your electronic prototyping use, the online store usually offers a good wide variety of choices, with shipping delivery from various part of the world.

A simple, easy and fast way to make your electronic components online. Highly recommended.

Check out the various website that you can buy electronic components online.

Retail Shopping for your Precise Electronic Components

The experience of shopping for your electronic components in the retail shops is quite different from online shopping. The fun part is that you get to touch and feel the electronic.

You want to build an electronic project but do not have an idea what the exact electronic component (switches, connectors, enclosure, wires, etc…) will be. Shop around and look out for the suitable electronic part for your project. You will never know, something exciting is coming your way. That’s how fun shopping is.

For electronic newbies who have the interest in pursuing electronic design/prototyping, physical retail shopping is your learning playground. It provides you with an instant view of the electronic world. You can also get to discover new components that you never knew it exists. Shopping helps you to expand your electronic knowledge and practical experience beyond your textbook theory.

For experienced electronic design professionals, physical shopping enables you to keep yourself updated with the electronic industries trends. Looking out for the latest components or a new method of designing electronics. Continuous updating yourself with the latest electronic trend.

Check out the places you can visit to shop for your electronic components locally in Singapore.

Electronic Components Supplier & Support

For manufacturing industrial purchase, electronic component distributors and suppliers are your best partner and support.

Local electronic supplier provides support and logistic planning for your bulk electronic purchase. They also offer a more attractive pricing for your electronic production needs.

Singapore is a multinational electronic marketplace. Many reliable brand electronic component distribution can be found locally.

Check out the list of local electronic component distributors and suppliers in Singapore.

Electronic Engineering Service

PIC-CONTROL provide electronic engineering services for our customers. We provide electronic product design, electronic product production, firmware microcontroller programming, Java application software development. PIC-CONTROL also sells in-house electronic product and solution.

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