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The online electronic component store is a popular means to get your electronic purchase. It is an easy and convenient way to shops for your components in Singapore and also from around the world.

Most people like the convenient of shopping online. You don’t have to step out of your doorstep to get your purchases done. Delivery of the goods is available. This makes the experience the same buying the electronic component from local or overseas online stores. Buying online from overseas usually takes about 2-4 weeks delivery lead time.

Local Singapore Electronic Components Online

Worldwide Electronic Components Online

Hobby Kit Electronic Online (Singapore)

Surprised to know that Singapore being a tiny island in South East Asia. There are so many online stores for electronic kits in Singapore!!!

Hobby Kit Electronic Online (Worldwide)

Purchase your electronics kit from worldwide. Even more variety of sensors and electronic circuits to choose from. Famous electronic kits brand from all over the world.

Electronic Hobby Kit Magazines

Electronic Accessories (Singapore)

Electronic (Japan)

  • Akihabara, Tokyo’s Electronics Markets

Other Places to Buy Electronic Components

Besides going online there are other resources available in Singapore to get your electronic components. Check out our Electronic Component Distributor page for other sources of electronic component purchase.

PIC-CONTROL products are also online.

Check out our online store too.

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